You are well aware of the importance of the recruitment process in an organization. You can hire the right people for your business through an efficient recruitment process in UAE. However, the manual and inefficient hiring process fail to find your organization’s best employees. As per studies, more than 80% of recruiters feel that their new hires don’t meet their expectations.

However, you can implement digital HRMS software to solve this challenge and find suitable candidates and the best hires for your company. It is possible as these systems streamline your entire recruitment process in UAE. Simplifying these processes will help you optimize every step of your hiring, improving your recruitment process in UAE.

The recruitment process involves several steps: identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring the right candidates.

Implementing the right recruitment management system will help you to build a solid workforce for your company. Let’s see how these systems streamline each hiring process step.

1. Identifying Your Requirements

You should have a clear understanding of the requirements of your company. Your HR team should communicate properly with the departments which need the workforce. Such communication is essential to identify the exact requirements of your candidates.

You can analyze the HR reports to determine the skills required for the job roles’ success and the past hiring history. Identifying the proper requirements of a job role is the first step in your hiring process.

Artify 360, the best recruitment management software, helps you create compelling job descriptions that match your business’s exact requirements.

2. Attract the Right Candidates

Attracting the right candidates is essential for your business’s success. Today’s job market is competitive, and there is always a high demand for employees with the best skill sets. So you should find ways to attract the right candidates for your business.

The rise of social media is a boon for companies to find their required candidates. However, to be unique and attract your candidates, you need a unique job board. Such job boards should be versatile and can be customized to match your business goals.

Artify 360, the digital HRMS software, comprises a unique job board that you can post to social media and your website and can attract your ideal candidates. With these job boards, potential candidates can easily apply for the job roles.

3. Screen and Shortlist the Applications

Once you set up your job boards and publish them, you will start attracting many applications. So now you should screen the applications and shortlist the best candidates. The job description and the exact requirements you already have comes in handy here.

You can screen the applications with the basic criteria and shortlist them with the exact match of requirements.

Artify 360 recruitment software makes it easy to screen and shortlist the candidates who apply through the job board.

4. Schedule Interviews

Interviewing is the process that helps you figure out where an employee’s real skillsets match those mentioned in the applications. You should plan your interviews effectively and figure out your employees’ diverse skill sets. With a proper interview, you can determine whether the employee fits into your organization.

However, ensure your interview process is optimized properly without long waiting periods. You can implement Artify 360 hiring software for a result-oriented interview process. Artify 360 allows you to assign specific recruiters for an interview process, which can further enhance your efficiency in the recruitment process in UAE.

5. Selecting and Hiring an Employee

The final step of your hiring process is to select and hire the best candidate. Once the interview process is done, you will get a proper idea about your candidates. You should analyze their skills, soft skills, and requirements. With multiple negotiations, you will select the best candidate as your employee.

You can add Artify 360 in the mix as it is a  responsive platform where you can store all the documents required for the next step of hiring. Artify 360 reduces the time spent hiring in your company and provides a seamless candidature experience for your candidates.

Also, the best part of Artify 360 is its employee onboarding management system which allows you to initiate the onboarding process of your new hires. With such an efficient onboarding system, your business will plant a positive first impression among your recruits.