Every business should need proper assets to get a clear picture of the assets in the company. It is essential for asset planning and asset allocation in asset maintenance. You should keep all the relevant data about asset management in your business. However, many companies today struggle with proper Asset Management.

Asset management becomes even more complicated if your company has a presence in various locations. You should have a centralized system to manage all the assets in your company. The system allows you to streamline asset management and ensures data flow in your business. To achieve this, your business needs asset and inventory management software.

What does asset and inventory management software do?

Asset management software helps you manage all your assets in one place. So you can keep track of all your assets, including software and hardware. It allows you to store, organize and retrieve asset data and workflows. The advanced features of asset and inventory management software help your business assign assets to your employees, check their working conditions, look for expiries and maintenance, and manage asset returns.

Asset management software takes care of your assets throughout their entire lifecycle, from purchase to disposal. No matter how many employees use them, you will have all the data you need.

Asset and inventory management software also effortlessly facilitates asset transfer from one location to another location of your business. Manual systems will require you to delete an asset from the databases and add it to another location from scratch. However, with automated asset management systems, you can transfer those assets with a single click.

Adopting asset management software in UAE for your business in multiple locations is beneficial. Here are the few benefit your business can get from implementing asset and inventory management software

Real-Time Data

You can view the real-time data of the assets with effective HRMS software. So you will know which assets are currently occupied and which are yet to be allocated. Also, you can know which employees are using a particular asset and the employee with the most assets.

Data Accuracy

The major problem with manual asset management in UAE is the inaccuracy of data related to your assets. Manual systems like spreadsheets will lead to inaccuracy, such as failure to update the latest asset condition. Such errors could even lead to asset wastage, theft, and lack of maintenance in your business.

On the other hand, the HRMS software asset management system helps your business manage assets with accurate data. These data are cysts clear and will provide data on your assets.

Stock Availability

Keeping track of the available stocks is a huge responsibility for your business, especially if your business has a presence in multiple locations. The asset and inventory management software helps you keep track of all the stocks available in your company. Be it in the raw form to complete the product, you will get a clear view of your assets.

So you can track all your assets in your business with top priority, and your employees will treat them as valuable. Employee negligence can also cause asset wastage in a business. So you should take the necessary measures to prevent employee negligence in your company.

You should convey the importance of asset management to your employees to enhance the productivity of your business. In some cases, asset damage and wastage occur due to the lack of knowledge in handling the asset.

In such cases, you should provide enough training to your employees regarding effectively handling the assets in your company. Such extensive training will help your workforce to be aware of the potential of the assets and how to manage them effectively.

You can implement an HRMS training management system to organize employee training in your company. With such training management systems, you can make your training more productive.

The Best Asset and Inventory Management Software

Artify 360 is the complete HRMS software in UAE designed for businesses in the Middle East. Artify 360 allows your company to handle its daily business operations effectively. The asset management system in Artify 360 can assist your organization in managing all the assets your business has, whether it is hardware or software.

You Can set asset expiry or renewal reminders which helps you with asset maintenance and can ensure the legal compliance of the assets.

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