If your business is in multiple countries and different parts of the world, you often need to travel for business purposes. Sometimes your executives must travel to other countries to close a business deal or for other reasons. Also, you may provide annual air tickets for your employees per your company’s policy.

In all these cases, your business needs proper travel management that streamlines your employee travel without complications. So every travel in your company will be managed by a travel management software.

The covid 19 pandemic emphasized the safety of travelers to other countries. There are plenty of restrictions in these countries which you should consider for popular travel management in your company.

You can implement an HRMS system to manage travel in your company. The modern HRMS software, Artify 360, prioritizes air ticket management like payroll management. It streamlines travel management into a simple and easy process to ensure all the steps are followed carefully by your management.

With such an easy process, your travels will be easily managed and will result in higher accuracy and successful travel management.

Here are the crucial process of travel management by the modern HRMS software

Travel Request:

The first step of travel management in your company is the travel request made by your employees. When a need for travel arises, your employees will apply for the air ticket and travel approval. So your business should have a proper system through which your employees can request travel and tickets.

You can use Artify 360, which has an easy setup that enables your employees to apply for air tickets and requests for travel easily.

Travel Approval:

Once your employees submit the travel request, you should approve it adhering to your company’s policies. You should verify the passport details, visa details, and other necessary documents to check the eligibility for their travels. Also, you should check whether the employee is eligible for air tickets or annual leaves.

Approval Advance:

Your employees can request an advance for the travel they request, which the system should check for eligibility. Once the eligibility for the advance is verified, the same will be notified to your account department.

Your calculations will be accurate as Artify 360 air ticket and travel management are integrated with the payroll system.

Issuance of Air Tickets:

After verifying the employee documents, travel needs, and leave eligibility, you should issue air tickets to your employees. Using a seamless system to issue air tickets will benefit your employees. The system should be easy for your employees to access and store their air tickets.

With Artify 360 HRMS software, you can quickly issue air tickets and travel permissions to your employees. Your employees can easily download the tickets through Artify 360 HRMS.

Add Travel Needs:

A proper travel management system should provide complete assistance in the travel planning of your company. Your travel management system should have the inventory of hotels in the location your employees visit with the booking procedure and contact details.

With Artify 360, all your travel management is taken care of. You can store every minute detail about the travels of your employees, which helps you in unimaginable ways.

Air Ticket Encashment:

Air ticket encashment is when your company encashes the unused air tickets available to an employee. Like your air ticket issuance process, you need HRMS software to manage the encashments in your company.

Artify 360 is built for efficient travel management for small and medium businesses. With Artify 360, your employees can quickly request air ticket encashment with your HR team. With Artify 360, your HR team can check for encashment eligibility quickly and initiate the process.

Artify 360 has multiple payment modes to encash air tickets. Your employees can receive the money in cash, cheque, or bank transactions. The seamless integration of the air ticket and payroll management system makes Artify 360 the ideal travel management software for your business.

Artify 360 – The Ideal Travel Management Solution

Unlike the other solutions, Artify 360 is the complete HRMS software designed to streamline the HR operations in your company. With Artify 360, your HR department can save time and resources while enhancing business productivity and efficiency.

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