Businesses have to make hard decisions as we are on the looming verge of the great recession. Many businesses are forced to lay off their employees to navigate the challenges posed by the recession. Sudden layoffs caused severe agitation among the employees, and the credibility of the companies took a toll.

However, some companies handled the recession and layoff skillfully by minimizing the after-effects the family had to incur. The only difference is a proper employee offboarding system.

Employee offboarding is taking necessary steps to ensure a smooth leaving of your employee. The offboarding process applies to layoffs, terminations, resignations, etc.

A proper employee offboarding process is crucial for any business across the globe as it facilitates the relationship between the employee and the company. Only when you have such a relationship with the leaving employee will they spread good about your business. Otherwise, your credibility can be affected.

Another significant benefit of having an efficient offboarding process is the ability to build a talent pool for your business which comes in handy in the future. With an effective employee offboarding process, your leaving employees can be strong advocates for your brand and can refer to your company in their circle.

You should consider an employee’s mental health and health during the offboarding process. The employee may be anxious about their future or disappointed with your decisions. When designing an effective offboarding strategy, keep these in mind.

1. Announce the Departure

A good workforce binds employees together as a company in unity. Announcing the departure of your employees will let all others know about the leaving employees. This allows your employees to thank and spend time with the leaving staff. Without the announcement, your employees will find such employee exits shocking and sudden events, which can be considered a lack of transparency.

2. Follow an Offboarding Checklist

Once an employee submits a resignation, a series of steps need to be taken immediately. Lack or delay in one step can affect the flow of fundamental steps. It can provide a bad experience for your leaving employees. To avoid this, you can create and implement an offboarding checklist that lists all the essential steps to follow when an employee announces resignation.

You can hand these exact checklists to all the departments in your company and ensure they follow these processes. However, manually doing these can result in errors and inefficiency, while automating these with offboarding management software is good.

3. Consistent Offboarding Process

To run successful businesses, you need proper systems that you can repeat over time without wasting too much time and scratching your heads. You should follow the same procedure for offboarding all your employees and record them in detail.

You should follow these processes repeatedly while offboarding any of your employees to provide a consistent offboarding experience for your employees. This will significantly benefit your company in the long run and will build credibility for your company.

4. Recover Assets

Recovery of the assets from the leaving employees is an essential part of employee offboarding. To do this effectively, your business should have an asset management system. With such a system, you can easily track the assets the employee uses and their conditions. You can ensure that the asset returned is in its proper working condition.

If an employee uses any software provided by your company, you should remove its access. The asset management software comes in very handy as it lists all the hardware and software used by the employee.

5. Conduct Exit Interviews

The exit interviews are an excellent opportunity to learn about the leaving employees. You can find the exact reason for making such decisions and what’s on their mind. To obtain valuable information from your employees, employ different strategies to get the feedback you need.

You can use a combination of face-to-face interviews and questionnaires to figure out your employees. The exit interviews will give you a clear idea about your company, especially the areas where you can improve.

When you accept this feedback and implement it in your company, you can further make your company a better place to work and reduce employee turnover in the future.

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With an effective strategy, you almost have an effective offboarding process for your company. However, you should implement an offboarding management system in your company. You can use Artify 360, the best offboarding software, to implement the strategies and provide the best experience to your leaving employees.

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