When an employee applies for leave, the HR team should prioritize and attend the request promptly. A leave management system helps employee leave requests to be processed and ensures that business operations can run without disruptions.

The common or traditional methods usually cause email threading, incompetent leave processing, payroll errors, and employee attrition.

Features of Leave Management System

Here are the following features of the leave management system below:-

All-in-one Dashboard

If an employee likes to take a leave or go for a holiday, he/she should apply for a leave, and the leave should get approved. The employee will check the leave balance on an all-in-one dashboard that is cloud-enabled in HR software in UAE. The dashboard is user-friendly, employees can ascertain the leave dates, make a request, and steadily wait for approval from the human resources management desk.

In the cloud-based platform, the managers can allow leaves based on the leave policy decided by the organization. Employees have the comfort to check the approved leaves via mobile phones, desktops, laptops, or tablets.

Self-service Portal

The employees can focus on their work rather than be anxious about leaves, and the HR department can check the Leave management system to approve or disapprove the leave impartially and based on the reason for the leave applied. The employees can check their mobile phones or office desktops to look at the approval status of leaves on the leave management system.

And the leave management system manages an interactive and pictorial method of the number of leaves left, employees do not need to regularly check the official email for leave updates.

Also, the manager has a clogged work schedule to look after the core business issues, but the approval status of employee leaves in the leave management system is a priority of the employees. So leave approvals to become automatically vital for HR managers.

Planned Workflows

An employee’s work is related to another employee’s follow-up work schedule. So taking random leave scans hamper the Planned workflow of an organization. A leave management system in HR software in UAE and very important for the smooth working of the organization. You are in the HR team and the planned workflow should be designed from there; occasional leaves taken by employees should not hinder or disturb the work schedule.

Managers will send an email as well as an update in the leave management system. When it comes to leaving management, timely approval is important. If an employee needs to attend a wedding, he should get a leave exactly on that day, and it should have an impact on the workflow.

Auto-Updated Leave Balance

The old system was the manual tracking of leave management. but that is the tedious task of marking a leave approval on a spreadsheet. And leaves have direct deductions onto the monthly salaries if it is taken unreported or unapplied. Accurate calculation of leaves will make the leave management foolproof and prevent overpaying or underpaying an employee.

A leave management system records all leave balances and instantly calculates the next probable leave date the employee can take, without hindering the working of the organization. The HR team can now take leave management as an easy task and concentrate more on processes like employee engagement or performance review management.

Challenges of Not Having a Leave Management System in Place

If employees don’t get applied leave promptly, it is the incompetency of HR Managers and it reduces employee satisfaction to rock bottom.

Low Employee Productivity

The manual management of leaves will cause uninformed leave balances and this reduces employee engagement in the workplace.  If an employee takes many leaves, it can get uniformed in the HR department, as there are no metrics to display the number of leaves and there is a red alert, when no leave management system in HR software in Dubai is not there.


If a leave management system in HR software is installed, the organization is down by regular absenteeism. Employees tend to be more casual in taking leaves and this will have an impact on the smooth working of the company. Absenteeism happens when employees don’t check in for work on scheduled time or he/she does not respect the work chart to complete.

There are two types of absenteeism namely unplanned absences and unauthorized absences. Unplanned absences may be because of illness, family emergencies, or accidents. Unauthorized absenteeism is when employees take leaves without a valid reason or lackluster approach to work. Installing a Leave Management system of HR software in UAE solves such causal absenteeism as the leaves taken are highlighted on the employee’s dashboard or HR manager’s display system.

Poor Time Management

The consumption of time can be reduced by planning a work schedule for employees and directing them to follow it towards the smooth functioning of the company. If the HR tasks of the company can be completed in minimal time and can increase the time to spend on employee engagement and making performance reports for higher productivity of the company. Time management is a much-needed parameter in an organization that can be achieved by the Leave Management system in HRMS software in Dubai.

Artify 360: HR software in UAE for Leave Management

The HR team can spend more time on core business issues than managing the company’s leaves. The leave management system can reduce any errors in leave approvals and create a transparent system of higher employee-employer bonds.