The time tracking system in HRMS software is an important tool for HR managers. Payment on time can be only given if HR managers have a clear record of employee’s working hours or the number of leaves taken.

Most companies are hiring remote workers and providing flexible working hours, and some companies outsource the work. If time tracking is done correctly, HR managers can find the productivity of each employee. The system is useful for employees as there is a clear record of how much time work is done.

HR managers use time tracking software to calculate the total number of working hours of employees and it is used to automate payroll or customer billing.

The features of time-tracking software define its utility. Here are the following features that are a must-have in time tracking tool:

1.Time tracking

The purpose of the time tracking tool is to record the amount of time an employee spends in the office or remote work. There should be a defined record of working time, active and idle time. The clock-in time and clock-out time should be measured.

The purpose of the time tracking tool is to record the amount of time an employee spends in the office or remote work. There should be a defined record of working time, active and idle time. The clock-in time and clock-out time should be measured.

Time tracking of HRMS software in Bahrain can be a bit offensive to employers as they perceive it as over-controlling. They can mistake the time tracking system for modern spyware. The HR team should communicate the essential advantages of the Time tracking system to the employees so that they don’t feel like suspects.

2.Employee Attendance

Recording attendance is a needy and systematic function of the HR department. Employees, who follow a timesheet for work, will always complete the work.

If the employee creates obstacles by random absenteeism, it will reduce the pace of work and it will be a concern for the management.

The employee attendance system of HRMS software in Bahrain regularly warns employees of absenteeism and asks to rectify the mistake and fire the staff members who regularly create a backlog of work because of absenteeism.

3.Project Management

The HR manager is in charge of the completion of the project on time and the work should be submitted to the client. The project manager feature in HRMS software is a clear indication of productivity in the workplace.

Organizations need HRMS software to control and automate every stage of the project until its completion. Project management brings a sense of authority, which is important in accomplishing goals and deadlines.

Your project management software can choose whether time tracking should be carried out by a manual marking or automatic time tracking of working hours. The advantage of a time tracking system is that it can be used at any time. A project management software can show time consumption in hours based on three created ones such as by task, by project, or by employee. The number of hours for a particular work can be calculated without disturbing or micromanaging the employees. Types of reports made by project management software are Timesheets and time reports.

4.Generating reports

Oranazinzation has to study the reports and analytics now and then. HRMS software in Bahrain offers insights to employers about employees as their focus.

Accurate reports help businesses know which employees can scale up to the top with the present performance of employees. Some reports the HR manager makes are the total time of a work plan to finish, and the total idle hours per week of the employee.

If you don’t generate a time tracking report, that makes time tracking software meaningless. You can easily know the work progress of an employee or compare two different projects. Time tracking reports are important for knowing if the business is going expertly or if other decisions have to be taken.

If there is a time tracking software in place, you can’t estimate how much time is needed to complete a future project.

5.Payroll Management

HRMS software has a payroll management module that keeps Payroll accurate. It reduces payroll disputes and discrepancies as there will be no mistakes on the payroll. An integrated payroll management software and time tracking platform ensure that the information is the same and consistent in every system.

And if a new system is updated in Time tracking software, then it is automatically added to payroll management software. Time tracking software can collect employees’ work hours and pay, making HR feel free of repetitive tasks and concentrating on business tasks that can’t be automated.

Concluding Thoughts

HRMS software has a Time tracking system for maintaining employee attendance, realizing project management goals, and accurate payroll management.

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