As an HR manager or business owner, there are plenty of tools available today to streamline the critical challenges faced by your business. Asset management is one of the challenging yet essential operations in a company.

Only with proper asset management can you utilize your assets throughout their lifecycle, maintain them properly and avoid thefts and damages. To manage your assets effectively, you need asset management software in Saudi Arabia.

Plenty of asset management software in Saudi Arabia is available today with varied functionalities at different price ranges. Without a good idea about asset management software in Saudi Arabia, you will have difficulty finding the right software for your company.

So in this article, let’s discuss the essential features you must look for while purchasing asset management software in Saudi Arabia.

However, we encourage you first to determine your company’s unique needs and challenges regarding asset management. Every business will have different requirements, so you should know your specific requirements from software. So discuss with your HR team and employees to figure out the challenges faced in asset management.

With a clear understanding of the challenges and your requirements, let’s jump into the features of asset management software in Saudi Arabia.

1. Complete Asset Tracking Capability

Asset tracking will help your business identify your assets’ current condition and location. This is possible through the usage of GPS and geo-tagging features. With asset tracking features, you can locate the employee or department currently responsible for the asset.

However, you can choose advanced tracking features if needed. These advanced features could include real-time tracking of an asset’s environment, such as temperature, weather conditions, sound and vibration, air quality, road traffic and voltage monitoring.

These advanced features will be necessary for better asset tracking, which could help you enhance your company’s business productivity.

2. The Basic Features

Make sure your system has the proper implementation of basic asset tracking features such as geo-locations, variable monitoring and frequent updations. These features further enhance the actual time accessibility of your help. With regular updates, you can ensure your software is reliable, bug-free and adhere to the latest trends and demands.

Some other essential features you should check are our notifications, reports generations, maintenance scheduling, asset transfers and asset categorization. Some software vendors skip the basics in search of making the software advanced.

3. Data Security

The asset tracking software requires you to store critical data about your company and assets, such as the asset invoice, maintenance schedules, licenses, warranties and issuance information. These data are sensitive and need to be protected against privacy leaks and data threats.

The asset management software in Saudi Arabia should comply with the country’s legal regulations to ensure its security. It also comprises the latest security protocols to prevent cyber threats. Make sure the asset management software in Saudi Arabia you choose has an access control feature that allows you to limit access to the asset data.

4. Precise Reporting

Asset reporting is a must-have feature of your company as it will generate reports about your assets. Detailed asset reports provide valuable insights to your HR team, which helps you make informed decisions.

Asset reporting helps your business to make better decisions regarding the company finances, which are a deciding factor for your business’s success.

5. Cloud Enabled Software

Cloud-enabled software has a significant edge over software hosted on your own. Apart from the easy maintenance, you can also ensure the convenience and accessibility of the software.

Cloud asset management systems allow your business to manage assets remotely, which is great if your company has remote or hybrid work culture. The cloud system automatically backs up your asset data which you can recover when needed.

6. Customization & Scalability

Customization is another deicing feature while purchasing asset management software in Saudi Arabia for your business. The asset management software in Saudi Arabia should be customized to your company’s size, goals and requirements.

Also, check for its scalability in the future when your business expands, as the migration between software is costly and time-consuming.

7. Prompt Support

Prompt support is a crucial deciding factor when choosing asset management software in Saudi Arabia. Make sure the vendors provide enough training on the usage of software and quick support when you face any struggles.

Software like Artify 360 offers an extensive range of training materials that make software implementation smooth and efficient.

Artify 360 – The Best Asset Management Software in Saudi Arabia

Artify 360 is a comprehensive HRMS software with proven asset management software in Saudi Arabia that helps your company to manage all its assets effectively. Whether it is software or hardware, Artify 360 manages all your assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

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