Automating HR management in your business is a great decision considering its numerous advantages. The right HR software in Saudi Arabia will automate your company’s essential human resource operations and help reduce your HR team’s administrative burden. It gives them more freedom and time to focus on employee development. However, you should choose the right human resource management software in Saudi Arabia for your company, or you will be confused. 

To choose the right HR software for your company, you should decide on the required HR modules. So in this article, let’s discuss the essential modules of HR management software in Saudi Arabia and how they can benefit your company. It helps you choose the right modules based on your business needs and goals. 

Here are the essential modules of an HRMS system  

Employee Data Management

Employee data management is an important module that stores and manages the data of employees in your company. These data could include personal details, job titles, employment history, etc. You can access and retrieve employee data whenever needed. The employee data management module allows managers to track and manage employee documents such as employment contracts, performance appraisals, and disciplinary actions. 

Employee Recruitment Module

With an employee recruitment module, you can manage job postings, applications, and resumes of your candidates to simplify the hiring process. It allows you to use various criteria such as qualifications, experience, and location of a candidate and track their application status. The employee recruitment module for HR management software in Saudi Arabia enhances candidate communication and provides an excellent experience for your candidates. 

Performance Management

A performance management module in HRMS software in Saudi Arabia aims to manage a company’s employee performance. You can provide performance reviews and training, document performance issues, and recognize your employees’ accomplishments with the performance management module. It further enables the creation of a performance improvement plan to enhance employee performance. 

You can set goals for your employees, track them over time, and analyze their progress. You can set metrics to evaluate employee performance.  

Time and Attendance Management

With the time and attendance module in human resource software in Saudi Arabia, you can handle leave requests, leave payments and generate leave reports. The time and attendance module enables you to monitor attendance patterns, manage absence and create attendance policies. Your employees can now request leaves, track their attendance details and view their available leaves. 

Benefits Administration 

Employee benefits management helps you manage health insurance, retirement plans, and paid leaves, the benefits and bonuses you can provide to your employees. You can track employee eligibility for benefits, enroll and terminate employees from plans and manage their contributions. The other significant advantage of the benefits module is that you can inform your employee about their benefits, such as coverage and costs. 

Payroll Processing

Payroll is one of the significant modules in HR management software in Saudi Arabia as it manages the compensation for an employee. It helps companies to automate their payroll process, including employee salaries, deductions, and taxes. Advanced HR software allows the integration of payroll modules with other modules, such as attendance modules, for accurate salary calculation. 

You can also generate payroll reports which give you detailed insights into your company’s financial performance. Also, these reports will come in handy during tax audits. 

Learning and Development

Every employee expects career development opportunities in their company. With this module of HRM software in Saudi Arabia, you can manage employee training programs, track employee progress and evaluate the effectiveness of training programs. You can develop and deliver the training materials effectively, track employees’ commitment, and evaluate the impact created by your employees. 

With the employee training module, your HR team can quickly identify skill gaps, provide career development opportunities and support succession planning for your employees. Integrating the training management module with the performance management system can help streamline employee development in your company. 

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service modules are necessary for enhancing employee engagement in a company. The employee self-service system helps employees access their data, manage their benefits, request leaves, and view their payslips and tax information. Your employees can update their data in the system, which improves the data accuracy in your company. 

It further facilitates communication between employees and employers and boosts employee productivity by offering them more control over their HR activities. 

Artify 360 – The Best Human Resource Software in Saudi Arabia

Understanding the modules mentioned above in an HR management system is crucial to choose the right HR software in Saudi Arabia. The valuable HRM software will include all the modules mentioned above and offer your company extra functionality. 

Artify 360 is the complete human resource management software that delivers comprehensive HR solutions for all companies. Artify 360 consists of all the essential modules you expect, including recruitment, payroll, performance management, etc. 

Artify 360 HR system in Saudi Arabia includes other crucial HR modules such as employee onboarding, offboarding, air ticket management, asset management, etc. Despite all these advanced features, Artify 360 is a cloud-based HR software in Saudi Arabia that offers high-level data security for your company. It provides multi-level authentication for crucial functions such as payroll disbursal. 

Artify 360 is easy to implement as the dedicated team will provide extended support before and after the installation. Several top businesses in the Middle East have been using Artify 360, which is considered one of the leading HRMS systems in Saudi Arabia. 

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