Recording the precise time your employees have worked on a day is crucial for your business. You may pay salaries to your employees based on the time they worked in a month. However, recording your employees’ precise time and attendance is challenging due to inaccurate entries.

Your employees can manipulate the time and attendance entry, leading to inaccurate salary calculations and loss of money and productivity for your business. Hence you need a proper system to track the time and attendance of your employees, which reduces any chances of manipulation.

Today, plenty of attendance management software in Bahrain is available to streamline the entire process and eliminate any inaccuracies. So your attendance records will be more precise, your employees will be more productive, and you can save your business resources.

In this article, let’s discuss the challenges in time and attendance management and the best software to tackle these challenges for your organization.

Need for Employee Accountability

Many businesses had severe financial losses due to a common practice by employees known as buddy punching. With this practice, employees mark the time and attendance of their peers without them being physically present for work. This affects the workplace integrity of small businesses and severely impacts their revenues.

The rise of remote work culture makes it even more challenging to record employee attendance precisely. Employees use third-party applications to change their device location and mark their attendance. So your employees will be absent for the day while they will be marked as present.

You can’t navigate this challenge unless you have implemented advanced attendance management software in Bahrain for your company. Such an efficient attendance management system helps your company build a great work culture with transparency and accountability.

Benefits of Using Attendance Management Software

The attendance management system streamlines your company’s entire attendance and time-tracking process. It benefits your employees and managers by providing efficient workflows that manage employee attendance. Such a proven system will reduce the chances of inaccuracies such as buddy punching.

The attendance software in Bahrain helps your company improve transparency, enhances employee productivity, minimizes financial losses, and monitors employee contribution to a project. You can also measure the commitment of an employee in your company. You can also measure the contribution of your employees in a specific task.

The attendance system benefits your employees, too, as it does for your managers. It helps your employees calculate their salary, ensuring on-time payments. Such a system for attendance tracking creates a transparent work culture in which your employees can show their commitment and effectiveness and prove their worth.

You must implement the best attendance and time-tracking software in Bahrain for your business. Successful companies in the country use attendance as a proven attendance software. Here are the crucial features and benefits of the HR attendance system

Features of Attendance Software in Bahrain

You must update the attendance software in Bahrain if you are using manual attendance systems to track time and attendance. It helps in eliminating inaccuracies and any malpractices by your employees. Even Though the upfront cost may be higher, the benefits it offers your business are priceless.

Web-Based Attendance:

As the remote work culture is prevalent nowadays, a web-based attendance system is essential for every business. It allows your employees to mark their attendance and time from their house. The advanced technology in the software prevents location mismatch and ensures accurate attendance recording by your employees.

Biometric Attendance System:

If your company has specific working hours, you can use a biometric system to record the actual attendance and time of your employees. With this system, you can eliminate the chances of buddy punching as it requires biometric authentication. It also reduces time theft and records the precise timing of your employees.

So you will pay your employees only for their time in your company. You can even monitor the breaks of your employees to measure their commitment to your employees towards your company.

Text Alerts and Notifications:

Alerts and notifications are a handy feature available in the advanced attendance systems, which notify your managers when an employee arrives late. It helps your managers be aware of the time and attendance of employees and assist them in taking further actions. If your company has many employees, these notification alerts will be handy as it is harder to monitor each employee.

Calendar Integration

The calendar integration of your HR software in Bahrain will assist your team members in being aware of the absence or presence of the team members. This enhances transparency in your company and the accountability of your employees.

Final Thoughts

Managing employee attendance is challenging without proper systems, as it will provide opportunities for buddy punching and other issues. With the right attendance tracking software, you can capture the actual attendance of your employees and can make your payroll calculation process more accurate and efficient.

Artify 360 is the best attendance and time management software in Bahrain. It supports biometric integration from all leading vendors and provides attendance reports of your employees. These Reports will come in handy for your managers while determining appraisals for your employees.

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