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Reporting HRMS Data In Bahrain

Reports Module – The Ultimate System to Generate HR Reports

Generate precise reports for every aspect of your HR operations

Do you know the importance of key reports in Artify 360?. Human resources are the company’s central hub, coordinating several other departments. The HR department can identify low-performing departments and individuals using up-to-date digital information. Finding these problems is essential even if they have not affected the business so far because of the brilliance of other departments.

If you can identify the flaw in the Middle Eastern Indemnity computations, you can take the measures required to fix the issue and boost output. In addition, data analysis can help you spot trends in employee turnover and take corrective action.

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How Key Reports in Artify 360 Can Help Your Business Thrive

Given the importance of reports module in the business world, every company must thoroughly understand the numerical details of every step of every process. Human resources reports in Bahrain help firms account for all the money they pay out in wages, bonuses, and other employee perks.

Knowledge of the company’s financial situation enables management to choose the number of people to hire or lay off, and the perks offered to those workers. Finding existing gaps, trends, and goals is made easier with the use of reports. The key HR reports in Artify 360 will play a role in your company hiring new staff.

You can sort the data to get department and job title salary reports. This report will also reveal how your employee’s salary has evolved in recent months.

  • Monthly salary setup
  • Salary setup history
  • Latest salary progression
  • Salary progression history
  • Download salary reports

Leave reports are critical for evaluating each employee’s dedication to the organization. Reports module in Artify 360 HR software in Bahrain helps you identify your employees’ leave trends, such as which departments have the most leaves, which days have the most employees absent, and so on.

  • Leave balance
  • Leave Register
  • Monthly leave taken
  • Leave count report
  • LOP Information

A complete key report in Artify 360 can examine the advance or loan you offer to your employee. You can adequately identify the outstanding amount and advance data using Artify 360.

  • Advance outstanding summary
  • Loan outstanding summary
  • Advance outstanding details
  • Loan outstanding details
  • Advance register
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HR Reporting And Analytics In Bahrain
Reports In HRMS In Bahrain

HR Reports in Artify 360 Enhances Performance of Your Employees

Every employee is unique, and their outcomes will differ based on the project they are working on. If you measure employee performance manually, you will lose out on vital information. Key reports in Artify 360 aid in determining employee performance under each project and the time required to finish each task.

By analyzing this information from HR reports, you can determine which employees are up to the task and which are lagging. Your firm may reach new heights if you invest in training your staff in their weak spots to contribute more effectively.

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Every Report You Need to Scale Your Business

Get all HR reports in Artify 360 you could ever want. You can compile these reports to learn more about your business. It aids you in making more educated choices that might steer the development of your business on the appropriate path.

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HRMS And Reporting System In Bahrain