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Artify HCM

HR Calendar Tool for Companies in Bahrain

Organize meetings, events and much more with Artify 360 employee calendar

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HR Calendar Management Software In Bahrain

Artify 360 – Your Virtual Calendar Manager

Manage your HR calendar anywhere at anytime

A HR calendar management application aids your firm in the planning and organization of critical team meetings, client appointments, and other occasions. Artify 360 with group scheduling is valuable for your organization because it could improve team productivity and coordination.

Artify 360, the top employee calendar software in Bahrain, can help your organization simplify its operations by providing calendar management software. Project delays and ineffective meetings may be possible without calendar management, which may harm your business.

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The Best and Quickest Way to Schedule Meetings, Track Goals, and More

Your HR calendar software gives you a big picture of how you do your daily work and planning. It also shows how the meetings, work, and events fit together. Calendar management’s primary goal is to boost your productivity by removing the time-consuming manual time management methods.

Artify 360, the top employee calendar software in Bahrain, makes organizing meetings, events, and tasks more systematic, to increase HR department productivity. You can plan short-term events as well as long-term events.

You can manage holidays in your company by marking them in the calendar, which your employees can easily access.

Mark the leave requests of your employees in the calendar for effective leave management in your company.

Mark the travel request of your employees in the calendar for effective travel management in your company

You can manage the training of your employees in Artify 360 effortlessly and mark it in the calendar to keep track.

Mark the meetings in your calendar so you and your employees will never miss them and always make it on time.

You can set a goal for a specific date or month for tracking your employees’ performance and efficiency.

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HR Calendar Software In Bahrain
Best HRM Calendar Software In Bahrain

A calendar management system built for fast-growing companies in Bahrain

Artify 360 provides a HR calendar with various useful features, including quick viewing of blocked days and events inside those dates. You can rapidly obtain extra information by clicking on a single piece of data. You can rapidly get the planned meeting info by filtering the search results.

  • Draggable options 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • View blocked dates and their events
  • Filter search results easily
  • Seamless integration for automation

Goal setting is a critical component of controlling your employees’ performance. You select a goal and dates to track and assess your employees’ progress. By glancing at the start and finish dates, you can utilize the calendar to maintain track of your progress.

  • Integrated goal tracker
  • Precise and detailed reports
  • Easy viewing of booked dates and events.
  • Quick data access
  • scheduling events and meetings

Artify 360, the top employee calendar software helps firms avoid major meeting disputes. You can manage dates efficiently to organize meetings and essential activities that do not conflict, boosting the efficiency of these sessions.

  • Filter options
  • Flawless Integrations
  • Analyze your dates and scheduled events
  • Manual and automated event creation
  • Track and manage your company goals
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Your Reliable Virtual Enterprise Calendar Management Software

You may use the different time zones in your organization’s numerous regions and offices in your calendar. Set specific timeframes dependent on the nation to avoid more difficulties. Artify 360, the best enterprise calendar management software in Bahrain, integrates your calendar with all other critical HR activities. These connections enable you to access crucial information in a single spot, improving productivity.

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HRMS With Calendar Management In Bahrain
HRMS Calendar Tool In Bahrain

Manage Your Employee Leaves with Artify 360 Calendar Management System

Your leave management software in Bahrain is linked to your enterprise calendar in Bahrain, making your company’s leave management procedure more effective. The date is seen with more leave applications, which may influence the company’s work and productivity.

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