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Employee Offboarding Software In Bahrain

An Offboarding Software with Endless Capabilities

Artify 360 ensures proper final settlement and all offboarding processes done right

With the right employee offboarding software in Bahrain, you can achieve seamless employee offboarding. You meet new workers and aid them in settling into their new roles during the onboarding process. You assist an employee in leaving the office and resigning their involvement in the organization throughout the offboarding process.

Because you must go through the arduous process of filling the vacuum, onboarding is more interesting for your HR staff than offboarding. As a result, it’s entirely understandable for HR managers in Bahrain to pay less attention to offboarding.

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Win Your Employees Back with the Employee Offboarding Software

You may believe that employees are lost forever once they leave your firm. However, studies suggest you could still entice your company’s departing employees to return. However, the win does not always signify an employee’s return; it might also imply a reference or a good employee connection.

Artify 360 employee offboarding software allows you to conduct exit interviews rapidly. An exit interview can provide your company with critical information about its employees and assist you in identifying learning and development needs. Using this information, you can make your organization more appealing to your employees and minimize employee turnover.

With Artify 360, employee offboarding software in Bahrain you can easily manage the resignations of your employees by adding the date of leaving and the reason for quitting.

With the accurate payroll calculations of Artify 360, the final settlement for your leaving employees is more effortless and prompt.

You can schedule and conduct exit interviews with Artify 360 to get a clear insight into why an employee leaves.

With the offboarding procedures in Artify 360, you can analyze the exit patterns in your company and find the significant factor contributing to employee turnover, and you can fix them.

Returning assets used by your employees before leaving is a crucial task. With Artify 360 employee offboarding software in Bahrain you can ensure all your assets are recovered, and you can check their conditions as well.

You can manage the list of all employee exits, which helps you understand the behind-the-back scenarios in your company.

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Employee Offboarding Process In Bahrain
Employee Offboarding Checklist In Bahrain

The Unarguable Advantages of a Proper Offboarding Procedure in Artify 360

A smooth offboarding procedure will foster your relationship with the leaving employee. So they consider your company in the future which could result in a possible return of the employee.

  • Ontime final settlement
  • Simplified resignation
  • Employee relationship
  • Manage all resignations
  • Exit description

The positive relationship between you and your leaving employees, which resulted from a smooth onboarding process, has other benefits too. They will spread your brand credibility, making your company attractive to people they refer to.

  • Employee referrals
  • Enhanced credibility
  • Attracts candidates
  • Shows your reputation
  • Chances of comeback

Artify 360 lets you analyze the reason behind resignations in your company by conducting exit interviews and analyzing the exit patterns.

  • Exit interviews
  • Exit descriptions
  • Resignation reason
  • Exit notice
  • View all resignations
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Handle Asset Recoveries from Your Leaving Employees Easily with Artify 360

Recovering your company assets from your leaving employees is an important task. These assets would include both hardware and software. With Artify 360, you can recover assets quickly and ensure they are in working condition.

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HR Offboarding In Bahrain
HRMS Offboarding In Bahrain

Artify 360 Ensures the Legal Compliance of Your Company

From the final settlement to the completion of all the off-boarding procedures, Artify 360 ensures your company’s legal compliance. Every offboarding procedure in Artify 360 is made with reliable inputs, so all the processes will abide by Bahrain’s laws and regulations.

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