Onboarding Software In Kuwait – Artify 360 is the best onboarding software your company ever needs. A new employee comes into your organization with many hopes and dreams, so making the best first impression is critical. The first impression will always stay with them and aid their trust and value in the organization. For the same reason, many businesses in Kuwait use Artify 360, the HRMS software in Kuwait.

Through its onboarding methods, Artify 360 the best HCM software in Kuwait assists your company to provide a personalized welcome experience. In the onboarding process, you can enter the employees’ essential information for future reference. You can assign employees shifts, roles, and privileges.

A thorough onboarding process allows new employees to understand their roles and adapt quickly. They know what is expected of them and to whom they will report. Artify 360 the HR software in Kuwait distinguishes itself from other HR software in Kuwait by providing a detailed onboarding experience.


  • Digital documentation
  • Customizable automation
  • Seamless integration with crucial HR modules
  • Manage your employees in one place
  • An onboarding checklist for improved efficiency
  • Quick onboarding of employees
  • The personalized onboarding experience for employees
  • Cloud-based with remote access
  • Mobile optimized software
  • Analytics to enhance decision making


  • Simple UI
  • A more efficient onboarding procedure
  • Metrics to evaluate your onboarding process
  • Departmental onboarding is optimized
  • A thorough onboarding checklist
  • Edit or add to the onboarding checklist
  • Removes employee confusion
  • Provides a detailed overview of the roles and duties
  • Limits mundane HR interactions