HR software in Kuwait for asset management can benefit your business regardless of its size. The lack of asset management software can have a negative impact on your company’s ROI, inventory mismanagement, and other serious consequences such as data loss or security breaches. Artify 360, the HR software in Kuwait, manages all of your company’s assets, including software. The following are the key asset management features of Artify 360:

Managing an organization’s assets takes time and effort. Such repetitive tasks are vulnerable to human error, emphasizing the value of automated software. Artify 360, the best HR management software in Kuwait, organizes your company’s asset management processes more accurately and reduces errors. The following are the critical features of asset management in an HRMS software in Kuwait, such as Artify 360:


  • Fluid asset management system
  • Simple asset maintenance planning
  • Manages the whole lifespan of an asset
  • Accurate and detailed reporting
  • An intuitive UI
  • Dedicated mobile application
  • Add, view, and track assets from one place
  • Suits small and large businesses


  • Find hardware with ease
  • Track and manage hardware and software
  • Obtain specific information about your assets
  • Sort out your asset connections
  • Create connections between your teams and assets
  • Software compliance and expiration are ensured
  • It ensures the security of your software assets
  • Enhances your IT budget control
  • Improves the efficiency of IT asset acquisitions and contracts
  • Asset kinds and categories may be easily classified
  • With a single click, you can determine the current state of an asset