Attendance management software in Kuwait is built with advanced capabilities. Do you still keep track of staff attendance using excel sheets or spreadsheets? If so, you should be aware that there is an easier, quicker, and less error-prone method of managing staff attendance. Artify 360, an HR management software in Kuwait, automates employee attendance, saving you time and money.

Artify 360 is a cloud HRMS software in Kuwait that allows your staff to mark their attendance from anywhere, facilitating remote working. Artify 360 allows the integration of all biometric devices to improve the efficiency of your attendance tracking.

The attendance module in Artify 360 syncs with the payroll module for the more exact computation of shift timings, salary, and overtime. The attendance management in the Artify 360 HR software in Kuwait complies with Kuwait government guidelines and regulations.


  • Precise and rapid calculations
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Offsite login for employees
  • Seamless attendance tracking
  • Detect and examine attendance patterns
  • Flawless biometric integrations
  • Personalized based on company needs
  • Monthly timesheet generation
  • Accurate overtime calculation


  • It facilitates your workflow
  • Regularization of attendance is noticeable
  • Paperless office environment
  • Tracking in real-time
  • Modern employee attendance tracking systems
  • Increase in employees’ efficiency and output
  • Reduces human mistakes and duplicate data
  • Provides trustworthy and accurate attendance information
  • Prevents workers from entering erroneous login information
  • Simplifies the payroll process
  • Employees’ need for manual input is reduced