HRMS system in Kuwait for appraisal plays a huge role in employee satisfaction. Every employee in a company looks forward to appraisals. You should adequately compensate employees for their efforts. However, managing appraisal as an HR professional is difficult because you must set proper expectations from your employees. Your efforts may be in vain if you do not have a systematic approach to setting and tracking expectations. This is where Artify 360, workforce management software in Kuwait, comes in.

With Artify 360 the best HR software in Kuwait you can easily manage the appraisal process in your organization. You can set proper goals for each designation and can track the performance of employees in the designation. Having such performance indicators helps your company to set realistic expectations from employees which can be met easily.

Artify 360 comprises of a feedback system which helps your organization to convey insights regarding an employee performance. This will increase the transparency of your company and help the employees to make necessary steps to enhance their performance.

Features of HRMS system in Kuwait: 

  • Employee performance indicators
  • Evaluates employee performance
  • Set employee and department goals
  • Multiple goal types
  • Easy progress tracking
  • Precise metrics
  • 360-degree employee performance
  • Employees skillset analysis
  • Employee performance engagement


  • It aids in determining the areas in which your staff thrive
  • Determine where your staff are falling short
  • Set indications to help you determine who your workers are
  • Assess technical and organisational abilities
  • Put all employee appraisal information in one spot
  • Improves employee and corporate productivity
  • Avoids prejudice and politics in employee evaluation
  • Improve staff performance by developing a better strategy.
  • Set objectives for your personne
  • Track and manage each employee’s goals