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The Best Core HR Software in Kuwait

Use Artify 360 to avoid wasting 30 or more hours each month on tedious HR tasks

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Core HR Software In Kuwait

Core HR System that Guarantees the Security of Employee Data

Core HR system in Kuwait that cares about your company’s data and the privacy of employees

Artify 360 is the best core HR software in Kuwait, which includes tools for storing and retrieving employee records. Companies today had advanced beyond the days when they used tedious and inaccessible tools like spreadsheets to manage their employees.

Using Artify 360’s leading HR solution, you can manage employee databases, profiles for each person (containing their academic and professional background, talents, salary history, issued assets, and more), and travel papers (including passports, visas, and driver’s licenses).

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Handle Key Employee Details with Artify 360

As a result of technological advancements, Artify 360, a core HR system, is the best solution to the problems faced by your HR department. For improved human resource management in businesses, it was developed by specialists in the industry.

Companies can benefit from Kuwait’s HRMS software Artify 360 since it provides the strong capabilities necessary to successfully organize, manage, and streamline the workforce and increase output. It makes sense for businesses to reap the benefits of higher productivity and efficiency in employee tasks.

Create a staff directory with all the relevant details you need about your personnel.

Facilitate internal staff transfers in your organization with no hassle using Artify 360, the best Core HR software in Kuwait.

Artify 360’s core human resources feature allows you to manage employee promotions within your organization efficiently.

It takes just seconds to give out bonuses to workers. Time is money, so avoid wasted effort by simplifying your recognition process.

Artify 360 is the leading Core HR system in Kuwait, allowing for quick and straightforward employee warnings and terminations. You could add more specific explanations to enhance understanding.

Artify 360, the core HR payroll in Kuwait is a great way to manage your staff’s travel expenses and expenses. You’ll save time and effort by taking care of the trip’s mode, pricing, and other aspects yourself.

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Core HR System In Kuwait
Core HR Software In Kuwait

Artify 360 Helps Your Business Save Time

You can keep an up-to-date and historical employee database with Artify 360, the best core HR software in Kuwait. Current employees’ information can be held in the Active database, while details about former workers can be kept in the archived database. Access to this information on your staff members is beneficial for several reasons.

  • Active directory
  • Archived directory
  • Complete data
  • Easy access
  • Data security

Rewarding and promoting employees after a positive review are one way to show appreciation. You can issue rewards and evaluations efficiently and with little effort using Artify 360.

  • Add new awards
  • List of all awards
  • Add new promotion
  • List of all promotion
  • Quick data sync

After an employee is let go, they will be sent packing. Your company’s offboarding procedure will go more smoothly if you take the time to record each step. Effectively handle employee termination and warnings using Artify 360, the best Core HR software in Kuwait.

  • Add new warning
  • List all warnings
  • Add new termination
  • List all terminations
  • Quick data sync
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Practical and Flexible Human Resource Management in Kuwait

The core HR payroll in Kuwait, Artify 360, is an integrated human resources management software that simplifies and speeds up administrative tasks, including recruiting, onboarding, performance monitoring, etc. Any company can benefit from Artify 360’s state-of-the-art tools for managing and streamlining operations to get the most out of their workforce.

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Best Core HR Software In Kuwait
Top Core HR Software In Kuwait

Make Use of the Most Valuable Information About Your Staff

Your business may acquire a decisive advantage when combined with the data systems and insights offered by core HR payroll in Kuwait. You can use this data to make smarter decisions for your company. You can track employees’ attendance and performance records alongside more transparent personal information.

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