Core HR

HR software in Kuwait for core HR functions have some strategic frameworks for their success, which they repeat consistently. This framework helps them streamline their daily HR operations to perform at their best. If you still do not have such a framework, do not worry because you can use the core HR module of Artify 360 the top HRMS software in Kuwait to achieve this.

Businesses prefer the core HR module of Artify 360, the best HR software in Kuwait as it helps companies manage details about employees, their skill sets, the salary progress that happened in the company, tracking of the asset issued, and managing important documents such as the visa, work permit, and passport.

Artify 360, the best human resource software in Kuwait is designed to keep the laws of Kuwait in mind. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can benefit from Artify 360 as it is the HRMS software in Kuwait you can trust.


  • A complete employee database
  • A quick search with filter options
  • Seamless employee transfer
  • Control employee promotions
  • Manage employee warnings and terminations
  • Employee travel management that is consistent
  • Establish employee grades
  • Strong integration with other essential HR components


  • A unique dashboard that provides an overview of your employees
  • A complete and up-to-date employment directory
  • Organize the personnel directory by department, title, and so forth
  • Manage historical and current employee data separately
  • Handle your employees’ promotions and information transfer with ease
  • Maintain a record of each employee’s reward information
  • Manage your company’s warnings and terminations
  • Arrange and schedule your workers’ travel; monitor their travel budgets and expenditures