The pandemic has changed the way we do our jobs in a big way. Managing a remote workforce has become a top priority for HR workers in Saudi Arabia as more and more companies choose to let people work from home. Many challenges come with working from home, like keeping workers engaged and motivated and ensuring they are still productive. And as it becomes more common for people to work from home, having the right tools such as Saudi Arabia HR software and processes to manage remote workers becomes more important.

With Saudi Arabia’s top HR software, you can handle the whole lifecycle of remote workers, from hiring to firing, from a single platform. This makes HR work easier and helps keep workers who work from home interested in their jobs and connected to the company.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how HR software in Saudi Arabia can help you manage remote employees and what features you should look for when choosing an HR system for your business. Whether you’re new to managing to work from home or just want to improve how you do it now, this post will give you the information you need to succeed.

Recruitment and onboarding

Hiring and onboarding are one of the most important parts of an employee’s career. To handle remote employees well, you need Saudi Arabia HR software with a robust module for hiring and bringing new employees on board. The module should make it easy to post jobs, handle applications, and interview people from afar. 

You should also be able to make and send digital offer letters, keep track of document signatures, and give new employees access to your company’s online onboarding materials. This will ensure that your workers who work from home feel welcome and connected to the company immediately.

Performance management and development

To keep remote employees interested and motivated, it’s important to have Saudi Arabia’s top HR software with tools for managing employee performance and growth. You should be able to use the software to set goals and give comments often. It should also let you offer online classes, virtual workshops, or e-learning modules for training and development. This will help your employees who work from home get better at their jobs and add to the company’s success.

Time and attendance management

Keeping track of the time and attendance of remote workers is one of the hardest parts of managing them. Effective HRMS software should have a full-time and attendance module that lets you watch the time and attendance of remote employees, handle absences, and monitor employee productivity.  

You should be able to look at attendance reports in real-time and set up alerts for people who didn’t punch in or came in late. This will help you keep track of your remote employees’ work hours and ensure they meet their output goals.

Employee engagement

Working from home sometimes makes you feel alone and cut off from the company. An HR program can help you deal with this problem by giving you tools to get your employees more involved. With the software, you should be able to set up virtual team-building activities, award programs, and social events. 

It should also have a way for people to talk to each other and work together so that remote workers can easily connect with their bosses and each other. Regular pulse polls and ways for employees to give feedback can help determine how engaged they are and where they need more help.


When an employee leaves your company, HR software in Saudi Arabia should make the process of “offboarding” as easy as possible. You should be able to use the software to do all the required paperwork, collect company assets, and cut off access to the system. This will ensure that the offboarding process goes smoothly and that you can handle the transition of remote employees well.

Final thoughts

Managing workers from home can be complex, but the right software can make all the difference. A full-featured Saudi Arabia HR software can help you handle all aspects of your remote employees’ lives, from hiring to firing and everything in between. The software should have tools for managing performance, keeping track of time and attendance, and getting employees involved, all essential to managing an online workforce.

By choosing the right software, you can ensure that your remote workers feel connected to the company and are interested in their work. This, in turn, will lead to more work getting done, happier employees, and fewer people leaving their jobs. When choosing Saudi Arabia’s top HR software, you should consider what your company needs and look for software to help your online workers. 

With Artify360 HR software, you can easily manage your remote workers and give them the support and tools they need to do their jobs well, no matter where they are.

Remember that remote work is here to stay, and companies that don’t adapt to this new reality risk losing their best employees to rivals. Any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve should invest in Artify360 HR software that lets people work from home. 

With the right tools and methods, you can manage your remote workforce well and reap the benefits of a flexible and agile workforce. So, don’t wait any longer—start looking for HR software in Saudi Arabia to help you handle your remote workforce better now!