Established in 2014, Artify360 is led by our Managing Director, Mo Fakhro, He is a Stanford graduate, with a heritage in family businesses. He graduated with honors in June 2000, and wrote graduation thesis on the impact of patents on innovation in the genomics and biotech industries. He is of opinion that patents need to be increased in length in order to encourage more investment in R&D. Later that year, he moved to Boston, MA to set up his own business to develop applications for the mobile internet.

MBA Fakhro Corporation is a Delaware registered company with offices in Silicon Valley, Kerala, and Bahrain, operates under the fields of Greenfield Capital, Venture Capital, and Crypto Banking, among others. Its primary mission is to build and invest in startups, in the United States, India, the Middle East, and China. It builds companies it has founded in e-commerce, business software, education, foods, social networks, fitness, infrastructure, and fintech among others.