Whenever an employee is working on office premises or remotely, ideally the productivity in both conditions should be similar. Managing working hours is important, as it measures the present situation of the company and helps in decision-making to maintain the previous level of productivity.

Work logs record the tasks undertaken and completed by an employee in a working day. These work logs are helpful to measure the productivity of an employee. An employee and an HR manager need to know the time it takes to complete a defined quantity of work. So HR managers get more accustomed to assigning work to an employee, making sure that the work is within the employee’s limits, and preventing overworking an employee.

What is Time Tracking?

Time tracking can streamline the work functions of a company by utilization of time to get desired outputs. If the time tracking platform of HRMS software in Bahrain is installed, employees develop a trust issue in themselves, that management does not trust them in maintaining a login and logout time.

How to Implement Time-Tracking Software?

During a busy day, employees are too involved in the work that monitoring of work takes a backward step. This causes employees to waste resources and productivity goes down a downward curve. Time tracking prevents the risk of going over the budget. As an HR manager, it is important to have control over the budget and time spent on each project. Time tracking is a factor that helps the productivity of employees increase. If an employee goes for a break, the time tracking platform in HRMS software records the total clock-out time and this calculates the number of working hours. The HR manager should be responsible and authoritative in maintaining time tracking software to provide accurate time sheets for top management to evaluate.

Improve Team Transparency with Time-Tracking Software

Track individual or team efforts on time tracking software and monitor small tasks within the timeline. The time can be spent on prioritized tasks to complete work within the timeline. Time tracking software is a great tool for recording where time is spent and by whom. HR managers have a tough time when the staff size increases and it is a tedious task to monitor employees and know how the employees are spending their time. 

The employees are encouraged to fill in timesheets daily so that they record their work completed every hour. The payroll management software in HRMS software is integrated to calculate actual working hours. The profit is gained whenever the charge given by the client is higher than the price used to complete the project. The budget estimation of the project is also a hard task. The time tracking system in HRMS software guides budget tracking that prevents excessive overspending and improper budget coordination.

Efficient Time Tracking System

Employing a time tracker feature can help with time management, thus improving the productivity of the employees. The time tracking system of the HRMS software in Bahrain will record the employee’s working time. A cloud-based tracker will record the working time of employees effortlessly. The time-tracking readings are recorded in a central database, and the HR manager and employee find it easier to access the data seamlessly.

Time Management Tools for HR managers

A time tracking system of HRMS software in Bahrain helps the HR tasks to meet the company objectives. There are many modules in use to achieve successful time management.

1. Payroll management –Timesheet Software

The HR manager and employees should be clear about the number of hours of working time, overtime hours, and weekend hours of employees. Other parameters taken into consideration are travel allowances, and lunch allowances, which are included in net pay. To process pay slips correctly, the payroll management platform in HRMS software is used, and that helps in accurate payroll for employees.

2. Administrative Management

Taking personnel administration into consideration, a large chunk of time is spent on ensuring compliance with legislation (labor code, collective agreements, specific laws, regulations, etc.)

The time management system in HRMS software can help employees comply with legislative updates, ensuring that they work within the compliance policies. The use of HRMS software will alert any rule violation automatically to an HR manager, specifying the status of a worker as an employee, temporary worker, or subcontractor.

3. Time Planning

When an HR manager schedules a work plan, it divides the working time into necessary tasks to be completed by employees. Managing staff schedules is not just time tracking of employees on a daily or weekly basis. The work plan should be planned to take into account unforeseen events like illness of employees or bad climatic conditions that can impact the workflow and productivity of the organization.

4. Management and Dashboards

The HR dashboard of HRMS software in Bahrain simplifies HR tasks, in a user-friendly visual paradigm. 

It helps the HR manager to understand the work situation of the company in one glance. It is a perfect tool for decision making and it helps to attain targets set by the management and to maintain the good work of a successful work plan.

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