The HR department is the most crucial in your company. An HR team is responsible for the growth and development of employees, business operations, hiring, payroll management, solving employee problems and much more. Your business’s success largely depends on your HR team’s efficiency in performing its responsibilities.

Proper hiring ensures your company has a capable workforce, while solving employee concerns will enhance the loyalty of your employees. Modern technologies assist the HR team with tools that help maximize their management capabilities.

HR reports in the advanced HRMS software are a boon to your HR department as it helps you build a successful business. But you may ask what HR reports?

In this article, let’s discuss what HR reports are and how it helps your business in this competitive era. We also discuss the crucial HR reports your business needs.

What are HR reports?

The HR report is a tool that helps your HR team to generate valuable insights, data, facts and metrics about the performance and functioning of the HR-related processes in your organization. With extensive HR reports, you can spot your human resources’ trends, strengths, weaknesses, progress, and opportunities.

You can utilize digital HR reports, which help you make better business decisions by presenting adequate data. This insightful data gives you a clear picture of the functioning of your business.

3 Major Benefits of HR Reports

1. Identify weaknesses of your company

Every company has unique strengths and weaknesses. Specific weaknesses and inefficiencies can cause significant issues for your company, so you need to figure them out soon. The HR reports will help you identify the flaws in the HR management of your company. You can figure out the reason quickly and make countermeasures which lessen the damage.

For example, the lack of closing deals may indicate the need for more skills from your employees, which points out the ineffectiveness of your hiring process. So you can optimize your hiring process to fund capable employees.

2. Make strategic business decisions

Decision-making is necessary for every business, which can make or break your business. HR reports assist the HR team in making better decisions that can serve your business in the long and short term. The HR reports provide your HR team with clear, data-oriented insights so you can develop strategies for developing your business. The decisions made with precise data are more efficient than those made by wild assumptions.

3. Track employee performance

The golden rule for growth is to measure development. It also suits businesses, as you have to measure the performance of your employees. The idea behind measuring employee performance is to help them enhance their performance. HR reports will provide precise data on employee performance based on their roles and departments.

Apart from tracking the individual performances of your employees, you can also follow team performance. This is important because the lack of team performance is not the lack of personal skills. Still, it can result from poor team skills such as communication and collaboration.

As we discussed the importance of HR reports for your business, let’s discuss the different types of HR reports essential for your company.

Essential Types of HR Reports for Your Company

Employee Reports

The employee reports will consist of the total number of employees in your company, a department or a specific role. It also consists of data including the revenue per employee, engagement percentage, job satisfaction percentage etc. It helps your business identify everything related to your employees.

Recruitment Reports

The hiring management reports will assist your business by providing detailed insights into your organization’s recruitment process. It could include the number of employees shortlisted, interviewed and selected and the average time spent on these activities. Hiring reports provide your business with clarity on the success of your recruitment processes.

The other essential reports for your HR team and your business are performance reports, onboarding and offboarding reports, payroll reports, HR reports, etc.

All these reports help your company obtain detailed performance reports of your employees, which you can further enhance by training or changing the training strategy. The payroll report is essential to evaluate the financial performance of your company. You can analyze the payroll reports and cut costs if needed.

However, you should realize that to better use the HR report, you need advanced HRMS software for your business. Artify 360 is the complete HRMS software for your company which helps your business to generate HR reports that change your business performance.

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