You have decided to migrate to a new HR software in Saudi Arabia as you are not satisfied with the features or performance of your previous one. There is no use in sticking with your old software when it is underperforming. So adopting a new HR software will propel your business to new heights as you get all the features you want in HRMS software. However, the real challenge lies in migrating the data from your previous HR software to the new one.

Poor data migration will lead to several issues which you never imagine. Some of the major challenges companies face during data migration are multiple data sources instead of one single data source. It is harder to determine a reliable source when you have multiple data sources. Hence the quality of your data will be affected, resulting in errors.

Poor data quality makes your organization’s HR process more complicated and will hamper the entire process. Another major data migration challenge is the difficulty in analyzing your previous data. You should clearly understand your previous data if you intend to use the same data in your new HR software in Saudi Arabia.

You need automation tools to process the old data you are transferring, eliminating duplicate and unnecessary data. So to migrate your data efficiently, you need to overcome these challenges. Only then can you use your new HR software to its maximum efficiency.

So in this article will discuss the important strategies you can adopt while migrating to new HR software in Saudi Arabia for your business. These steps would guide you to reach your maximum potential without hampering the features of your HR software.

To begin with, you must prepare your employees for the software migration as they are the ones who interact with the software the most. So without further ado, let’s jump into the strategies you can use to migrate from one HR software to the other.

Understand the Basics of Data Migration

You must need a basic understanding of what migrating to new HR software in Saudi Arabia means for your business. You should understand why your company is moving to new software. It could be due to added functionality or extended support, you should know why. It gives you an idea about the new software you are intended to migrate.

You should have a clear understanding of the new software. Sometimes the new software may be just an extended version of your previous one, or it may be an entirely one. It will help you understand the degree of change you can expect from the migration process. You should provide training to your employees to get started with the new HR software.

Most HR software vendors these days will provide you with enough guides to get started with their software. Utilizing all these materials will help your employees understand this software better.

Build a Software Implementation Project Plan

You have purchased the new HR software in Saudi Arabia after analyzing its features and benefits. Also, the vendor would promise extended support for the software you purchased. In such cases, they will have an implementation plan you can use to your advantage. If they have an implementation plan for the software you have purchased, then it will be easier for your business to get started with the software.

However, you will need to create your implementation plan if the vendor does not implement it. Without complexities, you can make your implementation plan for the software migration. You should identify the features each department needs from the HR software. When noting down the features, you should prioritize them by the features your team needs immediately and the ones they require later.

Then set an implementation data and start training your employees to get started. Your employees don’t need to understand HR software to start using it thoroughly. You can schedule the training later if they need to access other features. Doing so will make your software implementation more effective and effortless for your employees.

Begin Data Migration Process

As we mentioned, data migration is crucial for your business and is the challenging part of adopting new HR software in Saudi Arabia in your company. Many HR software vendors help you with the data migration process, while in most cases, you will have to do it on your own.

Identify the data you need to migrate and erase the remaining data. Back up all the important data you need to migrate. Never start the migration process without initiating a backup of your required data. It will help you retrieve any data lost during the migration process. Then choose a data strategy for your business that you can access and implement easily.

Instead of migrating all the data in one go, you can test the process with a small amount of data. It helps you identify the shortcomings of the process. If there are any shortcomings, you can rectify the ones and then initiate the complete migration process.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a new HR software in Saudi Arabia is challenging, especially during data migration. However, you can tackle these challenges with a proper understanding of your new software, effective training, and a proper data migration process.

However, it is better to choose HR software that provides implementation and data migration processes. You can choose Artify 360, the best HR software in Saudi Arabia. You can request a free trial of Artify 360 HR software to understand the software better.