“Data is the new oil.”

Can you deny this quite? Obviously not.

Every business needs data to run its business operations. This data can range from sensitive employee information to your company’s legal documents. Whatever it is, your business data should be stored, organized, and retrieved effectively. To achieve this, you need an effective document management system.

A document management system can store all the crucial business data in an organized manner. You can retrieve the data when you need it with a single click. Without such a document management system, your business will struggle managing documents, and it is nearly impossible to access these data quickly.

Why should your company need a document management system?

A poor file management system will lead to version loss and document duplication. Manual file storage requires a lot of resources and a workforce to manage it. Also, it takes an eternity to access the data you need. This will often lead to delays in your project completion, which hurts your business efficiency.

The more organized your data is, the more efficient workflows you can follow in your business. Lack of proper file management will lead to resource wastage while having one for your company will be cost-effective.

Despite having numerous document management systems in the market, finding the one that suits your business and benefits your company is crucial. In this article, let’s discuss the necessary features you should look into to select the best document management software for your business.

Must have features in a document management system

Access Controls

The file management software you choose should have effective access control features that allow your business to limit the authorization. Access control allows you to have full control over your documents. You can set who is authorized to view the entire files and can restrict the access of others based on their roles. Doing this will enhance data privacy in your business and ensure your documents are safe. As you will store sensitive employee information and legal files of your employees, you should prioritize access control over any other feature.

Document Organization

Your file management system should be able to organize all the data you store in the system. Data organization is required to avoid any communication bottlenecks and ensure all the documents are effectively stored. It also allows your business to access only the necessary files, which saves time otherwise spent accessing every file in the system.

Proper file organization also helps your employees save time. As more employees use the file management system, it should be easy for them to access the needed files.

Document Input

You should not overlook the document input abilities of a system. Some file management systems only support certain file formats making them inefficient in most cases. However, an effective document management system will support different file formats commonly used to enhance usability. So choosing the input methods is a crucial step in determining the best document management system for your business.

You should look for the bulk uploading feature when considering the input methods. It allows you to upload your documents in bulk, which could save you tons of time. The lack of this feature will result in more time spent on data input and can also cause document duplication.

Document Search

Once the data is input and organized properly, you next need to search for a document to access it when needed. A proper document management system will ensure easy access to the stored document. In contrast, an inefficient document management system will make it harder to locate data when needed.

Check for software that has safe search options. The safe search option is an advanced feature that allows you to search only the necessary information while leaving the non-necessary.

Automated Workflows

Automated workflows are a crucial aspect of a document management system. With the preset options, you are guiding the system to work in a way your business needs. File management systems such as Artify 360 are automated workflows for your business that set new benchmarks for document management systems in the Middle East.

Document Security

Security and privacy for your documents are something you cannot compromise at all because these documents will contain sensitive information about your employees and legal documents of your business. So make sure your document management system is built with legal compliances and advanced security features to protect your business’s data.

Data Compliance

Your document management system should have a feature to notify you about expired files. These expired documents could cause legal troubles for your company and may lead to severe penalties. A proper notification system will give you insights about the expiry date to update your documents

The Best Document Management System in the Middle East

Artify 360 is the best document management system in the Middle East, with its advanced security and enhanced productivity features. Artify 360 is an HRMS software comprising all essential HR modules that help your business streamline its HR operations.

With the document management system in Artify 360, the HRMS software your company files will be stored safely and organized effectively. You can access them easily whenever you need.

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