Investing in HRMS software for your business is a wise investment which can positively impact your business. However, finding the right HRMS software in Qatar that suits your business needs is challenging. If you are looking for guidance in selecting the best HRMS software for your business in Qatar, this article will help you find the right one.

To begin with this guide, you should understand the relevance and difference between different HR systems available today. HRIS, HRMS and HCM are the common HR systems that are very closely related. Among them, HRMS is more advanced and easily customizable for businesses in different industries.

You should know the basic features to choose the best HRMS software for your company. Knowing this allows you to determine what your business needs and the additional features you can add.

Here are some of the basic features of an HRMS software

Employee Data Management

With the employee data management feature, you can easily store the data of your employees safely and securely. This includes sensitive employee information such as their names, addresses, bank information, medical history etc.

You can also store other employee details such as vacation time, appraisals, and performance reports.

Hiring Management

Employee hiring is an important function for an HR department in any company. With HRMS software’s hiring management feature, you can easily create job openings and descriptions, set up job boards, collect resumes, schedule interviews and initiate the onboarding process.

Attendance and Leave Management

Managing the attendance and leaves of your employees is crucial in determining major pay for the month. So HRMS software in Qatar with precise attendance recording and leave tracking features will benefit your business. Their integration with the payroll software will result in accurate salary calculations for your employees.

Payroll Management

HRMS software allows your business to make precise and quick salary calculations for your employees. You can set multiple levels of payroll approvals and choose from various payment methods to disburse your payroll.

A clear idea about these must-have features of Artify 360 allows you to get a clear picture of the features to look after when choosing HR software for your company.

Now let’s jump into the steps you need to consider and purchase an HRMS software that is best suited for your company.

1. Note down your exact requirements

HRMS software has many crucial features for your business, but you won’t need all the functionalities in some cases. So you should understand what your HR department needs from HR software.

To identify the needs, you should analyze the current problems faced by your HR team and the tasks requiring more time and attention from your HR department.

Once you map out the exact requirements, you can look for the HRMS vendors that offer your needs.

2. Fix a price range

It is hard for your business to fix an exact price for HRMS software as each vendor has different price ranges. So you have to select a price range instead of a fixed price. You can do basic research on the internet for the price range of HRMS software which satisfies your business’s requirements. You can find the price range for the HRMS software.

3. Decide whether you need cloud or on-premise software

The HRMS software in Qatar is either cloud-based or hosted on the premises. The cloud-based software is advanced and doesn’t need your server. Though costly, you don’t need a dedicated team to manage their servers and fix any errors. While the on-premise software is affordable, you need a dedicated team for maintenance. So you should decide on which is best for your business after discussing it with your HR team.

4. Ensure the flexibility and customization of the software

If your business doesn’t need certain features of HRMS software, then you don’t need to purchase full-fledged software. However, such full-fledged software allows customization features, enabling you to purchase only the necessary features your business needs. Doing this can save your business resources.

5. Fix a few demo meetings

Once you shortlist a few vendors based on the features mentioned above, you can request a free demo or trial from them. During the demo, you can understand whether the system exceeds your expectations and the ease of operating the system. Ensure the related departments and your IT team are present during the demo.

Once the demo is completed, discuss with your team to understand the complications faced while using the system and choose the one which is easy to understand and use

6. Ask for support

Before finalizing the vendor, inquire about the support provided by the vendor. Ensure installation, live training and other supporting materials that help your business implement the software easily.

Artify 360 – The Best HRMS Software in Qatar

Artify 360 is the best HRMS software in Qatar designed for fast growing business in Qatar. It simplifies the HR operations in your company in a simplified manner. Artify 360 is affordable and offers flexibility for businesses. You can request a free demo to understand the usability of the software.