HR management is about training and managing company resources for running a business successfully. It brings the best out of the available resources and achieves the goals of both employee and employer.

It satisfies the employee’s picture, and this relates to maximum goal achievement. When the workforce Is managed correctly, it gives a competitive edge through the planning and deployment of personnel.

Independent of any industry, HR software Bahrain is a superlative parameter that makes the difference to becoming a success.

Importance of HRM functions

HRM system is very important for a company and a weak HR management team will be fatal to the organization’s success. The smooth mechanism of hiring and recruiting is the first and most important function of human resource management.

The ideology of  HR management is prevalent all around the world and it applies to any country in the world. HRM is a set of actions that solve employee problems rather than keeping a stack of employee records.

These functions exist to help employees get their full potential and encourage the training and development of employees in the workplace.

Managerial functions

Here are some managerial functions:-

Human Resource Planning

A company needs several workers and several skill types for the successful completion of work. A smooth system of recruitment and onboarding is done to increase the number of workers at the specified duration of days.

You can have enough workers but there is a need to specify what skills have been mastered by these employees. The human resource plan is recorded in HRMS software so that the same plan can be referenced if the same situation arises again.


Employers allocate tasks to workers, the common working place ensures that the team is built nicely and employee bonds are strengthened. The performance review system In HRMS software in Bahrain helps find the best employee and it makes the best-performing team.


If an employee performs best, it is not an individual effort but a collective effort backed by a managerial decision. The HR managers continually motivate and increase the collective effort, as they are appointed to do exactly that. When most employees are fully motivated,  this increases the productivity of the company fivefold.


If planning, organizing, and directing are important functions, so is controlling. An employee reviews his present performance and past performance. The performance can either dip or increase for an employee.

The need is to make the employee aware of the present performance and make suitable changes to increase future performance. The performance review system in HRMS software in Bahrain helps employee performance be received and recorded by top management.

Operative functions

Here are the few operative functions below:-

Selection and recruitment

Candidates should get attracted to the company profile and then there is a pool of candidates to pick from. If a lot of resumes are received, the HR manager employs an HRMS software in Bahrain that records every resume digitally and ranks the resume accordingly to get the best candidate for the organization.

Job Analysis

Job Analysis: This method describes the characteristics of a job and specifies the qualifications, abilities, and work history that candidates must have to execute the job.

Job design seeks to outline and organize tasks, responsibilities, and duties into a single unit of work for the accomplishment of specific goals.

Training and development

HRM function that helps employees to work better by enhancing their skills and providing them with the knowledge to carry out their job effectively.

Training and development help present employees get high on the career ladder and achieve more skills for top positions.

Payroll Administration

HRM takes decisions on how much to pay for employees of the specified skill. The payroll management system in HRMS software in Bahrain helps HR with paying salaries on time to employees’ accounts and reduces any confusion or chaos in sending salaries.

Performance Appraisal

The HRM functions are very crucial as the HR managers are continuously in service to ensure that employees have higher or uniform performance day after day. Performance appraisals are performance denotes and it is functional in the elimination of the risk of employee underperformance.

Employee welfare

The HR department takes care of employees to provide various benefits, facilities, and services for the betterment of employees.

Advisory Function

Here are the few advisory functions below…

Advising the top management

Personnel managers give ideas and directions to top management on formulating and evaluating them. The top management receives guidance from personnel managers on how to create and assess employee programs, policies, and procedures.

Advising the department heads

The personnel manager gives the department heads advice on a variety of topics, including staff planning, job analysis, job design, recruitment, selection, placement, training, performance evaluation, etc.


HRM is crucial to the organization’s efficient operation. The process begins with the creation of the policies for the tasks at hand and finishes with assuring the organization’s success. To ensure progress, HRM is a catalyst that connects all parts of the business.

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