The Employee Onboarding Process in Bahrain is a systematic and purposeful transformation of hiring new employees in an organization. It is a standardized introductory process for hiring a new employee to an organization in social aspects for their new job roles. They can engage the new employees to increase the overall productivity growth of the organization.

In this blog post, we will provide the basic essential guide to the onboarding process of an employee to the organization to improve overall success and growth. An HR Onboarding Process in Bahrain is a structured approach to welcoming a new candidate as their employee in the organization with proper hiring procedures to increase their employee’s efficiency as well as the organizational growth through a well-defined hiring process such as sourcing, screening, and an onboarding functions, i.e., here we state the sourcing refers to the new search for a well qualified, experienced candidates as their employee.

At first, they search the new hires with a wide range of job applications, they select the best candidate from the application through a proper evaluation of their resumes and then recognize all the necessary details of the candidate, whether they are apt as their employees and HR send an invitation call for the selected candidates after reviewing them on a pre-onboarding process and then finally they onboard them as their employee after they cracked the final interview process and ask them to join on a scheduled date for their first day on that day the HR executives welcome the new candidate as their employee and introduce them about the norms and cultural details of the organization.

The key 4 phases of the Employee Onboarding Process in Bahrain

We must have a solid employee onboarding process. Here we can state that Artify 360 is the leading HRMS software in the Middle East; the employee onboarding function is becoming more focused on the company’s working environment to boost the overall employee experience and can increase the company’s retention rate. The process of getting new employees up to their speed. This blog post will review the employee onboarding process and the necessary details of why a company needs to boost its productivity growth.

They can create a successful onboarding process is an excellent task to improve a high retention rate for a company to boost its organizational growth, so here we state the critical phases of an onboarding process:

Phase 1: Preboarding

Here we can state that the employee will go to the checklists to understand their role in the organization, which include the essential factors like a company overview, employee handbook, compliance, and company legal policies and norms, through the need for social media and blogging and a list of company resources that helps them to be a successful employee in the organization to increases their efficiency as well as the productivity growth.

The essential critical reasons associated with this process such as it allows the employees to have a clear view of their new role in the company, it also ensures they create an accurate portrayal of the company’s culture, and also gives them a powerful opportunity to establish a well-defined communication between the manager and the employee to maintain the productivity growth as such.

Phase 2: Orientation ( Onboarding and Welcoming new employees to the company)

Here it is regarded as the employee onboarding process or orientation procedure when new employees first arrive in the company. This is the most crucial part of hiring a new employee for the company. Here HR executives will introduce them to the seniors and the other vital members of the organization. It is a relatively short period that helps them to have an interpersonal relationship between employees and the organizational management.

Phase 3: Training Phase

It is considered the essential phase of the onboarding procedure in an organization and is directly correlated with all employees in the company. They understand how to maintain the successful path for the company’s overall growth. So here we can state that they help the employees to familiarize themselves with the organization with a process of training method that ensures the well successful employee in the company through a proper learning management system.

Phase 4: Easing the Transition to their New Role in the Company

The final or last phase of onboarding is the easiness of transition of employees to the new job positions to hire a new employee in the company. Here they train the company leaders to help new employees gain a solid understanding of their job status. It also leads them to create personal career success and increase the productivity growth of the company.

The five main simple metrics that measure the onboarding success of an organization include:

  1. Time to productivity
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Retention rates
  4. Feedback from New employee satisfaction
  5. Compliance with companies policy and procedures 

Time to Productivity:

Here it measures the length of time it takes for the new employee to hire in the company to boost overall productivity growth with proper access to skills and methods that helps them the ability to perform a unique role in the company successfully.

Employee Engagement:

It enables them the ability to measure employee engagement levels during and after the onboarding process to assess the efficiency with proper teaching methods, and it measures the length of time to hire a new employee to the company to reach the overall goals and necessary objectives to determine the effectiveness of onboarding program in setting employees up for success.

Retention Rates:

They track the retention rates of the new hires over a specified period to determine the effectiveness of the onboarding process in retaining the employees to boost overall productivity growth.

Feedback from New Employee Satisfaction:

It can collect feedback from new hires on their onboarding experience, which includes what they liked and what they would change to gather input from the HR managers to prepare an effective measure to schedule new onboarding through hiring, i.e., they hire new employees for their new job roles. They also promote a positive company culture to improve success. 

Compliance with Companies Policy and Procedures: 

Here they evaluate the percentage of new hires who compete with mandatory training and comply with companies policies and procedures within a specified time. They can access an effective measure to the onboarding process resulting in new hires and improving a high employee retention rate.

The Final Thoughts:

In this blog, we cover the essential information regarding the Employee Onboarding process in a company to achieve success. It is a necessary part of a company that has to be appropriately managed to hire a new employee to the organization following the culture and values and is core to help employees to acclimate their new job roles to the company.

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