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Core HR Management Software in Dubai for Your Business

Artify 360 Core HR Software eases your administrative burden by 50%.

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Core HR Software in Bahrain

Core Payroll Systems That Safeguard Your Data

HR management software in Dubai that protects the sensitive employee and business data

When it comes to managing employees and their records, Artify 360 is the best HR Software in Dubai. As a result of their inefficiency and lack of accessibility, traditional methods of staff administration, such as spreadsheets, are being abandoned by many businesses.

When it comes to fundamental human resources management in Dubai, Artify 360 is unrivaled. Its usefulness extends to various documentation, including vacation itineraries and employee records.

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Employ Artify 360 to Manage Your Staff’s Data

The Artify 360 core HR software in Dubai answers your HR department’s prayers in this technology age. HR experts developed this approach to help companies better manage their staff.

Artify 360 HRMS is the best software for managing human resources and increasing employee productivity. Increasing output and effectiveness at work is a sensible strategy for every company.

Create a staff directory with everyone’s information included.

Transferring employees is a breeze with Artify 360, the top Core HR platform in the region.

The key HR feature of Artify 360 is the ease with which you can manage internal promotions.

You can reward the hard-working members of your team quickly and effortlessly. You can save time and energy by streamlining the verification process.

One of the most widely used Core HR payroll solutions in Dubai is Artify 360. It helps issue warnings and layoffs to employees quickly and simply. Feel free to elaborate to ensure that your personnel fully grasp your message.

You should use Artify 360, your central HR system in Dubai, to manage your employees’ lodging and transportation costs. Saving time and energy by planning your trip’s transportation, price, and other details is a common travel goal.

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Best Core HR Software in Bahrain
Best Core HR Software in Bahrain

Using Artify 360, HR can be more effective and save money

Artify 360 is the region’s top HR software, so if you need an accurate and up-to-date personnel database, look no further. Current employee data is stored in the Active database. On the other hand, the archived database stores information about former workers. Having this data available about your team can help in many different situations.

  • Digitally-managed directory
  • Archival index
  • Full details
  • Quick and simple access
  • Privacy of information

One technique to show appreciation is to increase an employee’s salary or provide them with promotion prospects following a favorable evaluation. By centralizing feedback and recognition for employees, Artify 360 improves productivity.

  • Add new awards
  • List of all awards
  • Add new promotion
  • List of all promotion
  • Quick data sync

The employee can leave without hiccups if the offboarding process is done well. Documenting your company’s offboarding processes thoroughly is essential. Regarding HR payroll software in Dubai, Artify 360 is where it’s at for handling terminations and other forms of disciplinary action.

  • Add new warning
  • List all warnings
  • Add new termination
  • List all terminations
  • Quick data sync
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Functional HR Management Software That Can Be Tailor-Made to Your Needs

Artify 360, the industry-leading human resource payroll system, is an HRMS that streamlines and improves functions like hiring, onboarding, and performance reviews. Artify 360’s cutting-edge management and workflow optimization features are helpful for businesses of all sizes.

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Best Core HR Software Free in Bahrain
Top Core HR Software in Bahrain

Take Advantage of Your Best Employee Data

Using the data tools and insights provided by Core HR payroll, your company can become more competitive in its industry. Your business will benefit from your choices as a result of this analysis. Make it simpler to record employees’ whereabouts and output.

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