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Best HRMS Software in Dubai

Employee management is effortless now. Artify 360 simplifies every HR activity to save time and increase efficiency.

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Recruitment Software In Dubai

Best Recruitment Software in Dubai to Simplify Your Hiring Process

Reduce the time spent on hiring and find the best talent who suits your organization

Organizational hiring is unsuccessful because of the time and effort required. The recruitment process can be streamlined with Artify 360 recruitment process software helping companies to expand their workforce while preserving resources and time.

The best recruitment software in Dubai, Artify 360, helps optimize your hiring process at every level. It makes the recruitment process delightful for both the recruiters and the applicants, facilitating a more seamless employee onboarding process.

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A Quick Hiring Process That Builds Trust and Saves Your Resources

From figuring out the exact requirements to onboarding the right candidate, Artify 360 simplifies your hiring process. Such an efficient process would help your organization save time on recruiting and reduce the cost of hiring.

The crucial part of recruiting is to find the right employees for your organization. The right employees are the ones who align with your business goals, are productive, and be a part of your vibrant work culture. Finding such productive employees requires an effective hiring strategy, which Artify 360 excels in.

Artify 360 helps you find the exact requirements of your organization and create a compelling job description with qualifications and must-have attributes.

Assign expert recruiters for specific roles in Artify 360 to make your recruiting process efficient and get the desired results.

With the inbuilt job board of Artify 360, the resume tracking system you can post your job details on your website and various social media platforms.

You can quickly shortlist the desired candidates and access all their details from a single location.

With a streamlined and transparent recruiting process, Artify 360, the best recruitment software in Dubai eliminates biased recruitment in your organization.

Schedule and track interviews with your candidates in Artify 360. Your management can know the interview status quickly.
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Best Recruitment Process In Dubai
Recruitment Management Software In Dubai

With Artify 360, Your HR Team Will Love Your Organization’s Recruitment Process

A crystal clear and quick hiring process creates a positive impression on your future employees.

  • Assign, edit & change recruiters
  • Manage job posts effectively
  • Single click resume download
  • Set interview status
  • A dashboard to track hiring

The unique job board of Artify 360, the recruitment process software helps you attract the right talents by publishing job posts on different platforms.

  • Precise requirements & qualifications
  • An easy-to-setup job board
  • Create, edit & publish your jobs
  • Customize your job board
  • An inbuilt CMS for your job board

Artify 360 resume tracking system builds a structured hiring process for your company that you can repeat without any hiccups in your future hiring process.

  • Defines your exact requirements
  • Set up a job board and publish jobs
  • Collects and screens candidate data 
  • Schedule and track interviews
  • Initiate a seamless onboarding process
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Attract the Right Candidate and Transform Them into Your Employee

Artify 360 is the best HRMS software in Dubai that streamlines your hiring process by eliminating your previous tedious and inefficient strategies. So you can quickly attract the employee who is best suited for your company.

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Artify 360 Reduces Workload & Boost Productivity of Your HR Team

Artify 360 is built with the input of numerous HR managers to address the pains of the HR team in an organization. With automated workflows, enhanced security, and reliable support, Artify 360 can reduce the workload of your HR team.

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