Artify HCM
Artify HCM

HR Payroll System for Trading Companies in UAE

Manage your company payroll efficiently with the top payroll software in UAE

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payroll management software for trading companies

Salary Payroll Software That Allows Rapid Calculations without Errors

Artify 360 calculates salaries, taxes, bonuses, indemnity, and everything you expect from a payroll software

A manual payroll system is prone to errors. Just one wrong move in Excel might cause huge calculation errors. Payroll systems that are over complicated or prone to human error might cause salary payments to be late, which can irritate employees.

Payroll management is a breeze with Artify 360, the HR payroll system for trading companies because it is a refined payroll system. In this way, Artify 360 facilitates timely and precise payroll processing. With a less complicated approach, employees will be more content and productive.

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Risk-Free and Trustworthy Payroll Software for Trading Companies

The input of HR experts from around the Middle East has been crucial to the development of Artify 360, the top payroll software. We’ve enhanced the stability and security based on their feedback. Our payroll software will help your company cut down on the number of errors and mistakes caused by human calculation.

Rather, you will be able to build trust and boost employee satisfaction by accurately calculating salaries and paying them on time. In addition, our salary payroll software connected with attendance and leave management systems for precise record-keeping and pay calculation.

If your company has a complicated salary structure, Artify 360 HR management software for free zone companies can handle the calculations with ease.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can deposit the salary checks into the employees’ separate bank accounts.

With Artify 360, you can rest easy knowing that your company’s policies are in line with UAE’s legislated requirements.

With Artify 360, the HR payroll system for trading companies your management team can approve employee payroll in bulk with a single click.

Your HR department is no longer required to facilitate access to and download of pay stubs for your staff.

In order to get an accurate picture of your company’s financial health, Artify 360 will produce payroll reports of your employees.

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payroll management system for trading companies
hr payroll software for trading companies in UAE

The Artify 360 Payroll Software was Built for Flexibility and Efficiency

Accurate compensation estimates and timely payment distribution will go a long way toward fostering loyalty among your staff.

  • Speedy data processing
  • Generates bank form
  • Wage and Benefit Statement
  • handles the payroll for several different sites
  • Saves money for the firm

Once you’ve had Artify 360 up and running, you won’t have any problems. You can trust Artify 360, the top payroll software to do everything from keeping you in compliance with the law to protecting your data.

  • Consistent with the regulations of the UAE
  • Quick and easy tax return filing
  • Confidentiality of Data
  • Creates Payroll Records
  • Extraordinary safety

Using Artify 360 salary payroll software your business can streamline its payroll operations by doing away with time-consuming manual tasks like processing and distributing paychecks. That way, your HR department can speed up the payment of wages without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Swift processing of data
  • Suit your wants and needs
  • Approvals with a single click
  • Preparedness for Payroll
  • Accurate wage and salary analysis
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HR Functionality Integrations

Payroll in Artify is improved by incorporating leave and attendance, appraisal management, and travel ticket modules. When it comes to managing payroll for your company’s employees, Artify 360 is your one-stop shop.

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salary payroll software for trading companies
top payroll software for trading companies

Like a Bank, Artify 360 Safeguards Your Personal Data

Artify 360, the HR payroll system for trading companies employs cutting-edge security methods to safeguard sensitive information like your employees’ bank account details. This ensures the safety of all company information and employee records.

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