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Refine and Boost the Effectiveness of Your Hiring with Artify 360

Use the most efficient recruitment tool to hire the best people for the job.

In today’s fast-paced world, candidates may be turned off by your company’s complex hiring process. Millennials, according to studies, dislike delayed processes because they feel they are chaotic. Clearly, there needs to be a  faster method of employing new staff.

Many rapidly expanding businesses in UAE use Artify 360, a comprehensive human resources management system, to streamline recruitment. With Artify 360’s streamlined hiring process, businesses can quickly fill vacancies with qualified candidates.

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Recruit Only the Best People for the Job

Only skilled employees can take your company to the next level. Management problems could arise from having to keep an eye on disengaged employees. Hiring skilled workers is essential to every company’s success, and the appropriate people can help you.

Artify 360 will significantly enhance your ability to find and hire top talent by using Artify 360. Thanks to its flexible configuration options, Artify 360 can be used by businesses of any size. Furthermore, you can add new capabilities by modifying the system to your business’ specifications.

Artify 360 allows you to customize your recruiting process based on your unique demands. You can use it as a guide when you look for candidates for available positions in your business.

Expert recruiters can be delegated the task of filling a particular position. The hiring process will go more smoothly if competent recruiters are assigned to the task.

The Artify 360 suite includes a one-of-a-kind job board that you can tailor to your company’s aesthetic and tone to find and hire the best possible employees.

Using Artify 360, you can assess and fine-tune your recruitment strategy as needed.

Artify 360 makes it simple to keep tabs on all of your applications and their hiring statuses.

Since Artify 360 is hosted in the cloud, you can use it whenever and from wherever you like.

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Fast Growing Companies in UAE Use Artify 360

A Proven Method of Managing Your Company’s Hiring Process

With Artify 360, your recruitment process will be more efficient, saving you time, money, and stress.

  • Develop job description
  • Post jobs
  • Get applications
  • Assess potential employees
  • Schedule interviews

Both you and your recruiters will be able to see the exact steps taken throughout each interaction with candidates. Eliminating hidden biases in the recruiting process is just one benefit of open communication.

  • Assign, modify, and swap recruiters
  • Specify your requirements
  • One-click resume download
  • One-click cover letter download
  • A dashboard for monitoring hiring

The old way of hiring will only attract low-quality candidates desperate for a job. On the other hand, posting jobs on Artify 360’s impressive job board can help you find qualified candidates.

  • Specify your needs and criteria
  • Launch the online job board
  • Create and promote job postings
  • Adjust how you post jobs
  • Edit jobs using the in-built CMS
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Finding the Right Employees Can Scale Your Business

In today’s competitive employment market, potential employees will look elsewhere if your hiring process isn’t swift and straightforward. Companies risk losing qualified applicants due to the lengthy time required for the manual hiring procedure. With its streamlined and rapid recruitment procedure, Artify 360, however, puts an end to this issue.

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Life of Your HR Department Is Made Easier With Artify 360

Artify 360’s automated and organized hiring process saves paperwork and the need for human resources to intervene. As a result, your firm will be able to save time and money while easing the workload of its HR department.

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