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Artify HCM

Best Recruitment Software in Abu Dhabi

Manage employee recruitment with minimal effort and maximum results through applicant management system

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Boost Your Hiring Efficiency with Artify 360 Hiring and Interview Software

Hire the best talent for your company in less time without doing tedious tasks.

In 2022, using a manual hiring process to fill talent gaps in your organization will be ineffective. Your recruitment process will take longer, and the candidates you attract may be unsuitable for the position or your company.

Artify 360, the best recruitment software in Abu Dhabi enables a smart recruitment process powered by task automation. As a result, your hiring process will be simplified and structured, allowing you to quickly find candidates and hire the best employees in the shortest amount of time.

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A Faster Way of Hiring Suitable Candidates for Your Company

The usual hiring process comprises a complicated process that takes several weeks and months to complete. However, such a long process demands boring and repetitive tasks for every role you wish to fill.

With the hiring and interview software Artify 360, your recruitment process is simplified. Artify 360 HR software in Abu Dhabi analyzes the exact recruitment needs, creates a compelling job description, sets up the job board and publishes the job, attracts and screens applicants, schedules interviews, and finally initiates the onboarding process.

You can define the exact requirements for the openings available in your organization.

You can create compelling job descriptions with Artify 360, which showcase your requirements precisely.

You can customize and set up the job board in Artify 360 software based on your business goals and brand identity.

Publish the jobs on the job board and share them through your website and social media channels to attract suitable candidates.

Collect the applications through the applicant management system and filter the suitable candidates who show genuine interest in the published role.

Schedule interviews effectively with the candidates to check whether they suit your requirements or not.

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A Hiring Process That Boosts the Productivity of Your HR Team

With the structured hiring technique employed by Artify 360, the best recruitment software in Abu Dhabi your HR team gets a clear direction on what to do next.

  • Analyze needs
  • Create descriptions
  • Publish jobs
  • Collect resumes
  • Schedule interviews

Artify 360 hiring and interview software eliminates the biases in hiring to build a diverse workforce for your business.

  • Assign recruiters
  • Unique login for recruiters
  • Eliminates bias
  • Hiring overview
  • Unique dashboard

With such an unbiased and structured recruitment process, you can effortlessly hire the best employees who work harder for your company.

  • Track candidates
  • Track applications
  • Download resume
  • Instant cover letter viewing
  • Refine job requirements
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A Smoother Transition of Candidates to Employees

Artify 360 applicant management system enables you to attract the best candidates in the job market with a simplified hiring process. Further, these candidates are transformed into loyal employees who will stay with your company for longer.

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Artify 360 Reduces the Workload of Your HR Team

Your HR team can reduce 40% of the time hiring an employee. The automated workflow and simplified hiring techniques eliminate the need to do repetitive tasks, contributing to your HR department’s workload. With Artify 360, the best recruitment software in Abu Dhabi your team can find the best talents to expand the workforce in the shortest time.

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