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Artify HCM

Employee Training Software for Freezone Companies in UAE

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Monitor, assess, and enhance the productivity of all your employees.

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Train Your Employees and Enhance Their Skills to Reach Their Full Potential

Artify 360 simplifies training sessions, increasing job efficiency.

Business productivity and employee satisfaction are the two most essential factors in determining your company’s success. Training should be provided to your staff to cover talent needs and maximize your human resources efficiently.

Your company should use training management software to improve results and maximize training efficacy. Businesses in the UAE use Artify 360 training management software to automate and manage their training programs.

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A Reliable System for Measuring and Reviewing Employee Training

With proper training, you will refine your employees’ abilities to enhance their productivity, and their devotion to the company will grow. A comprehensive training system can provide employees with the most effective business-beneficial technology.

Artify 360, the HRMS software in UAE, has a training management system that makes it simple to plan and coordinate training sessions without burning business resources. Artify 360 enables you to assess the effectiveness of your training sessions quickly.

Engage trainers from your organization and outside specialists in the training sessions.

Artify 360 provides many types of training, such as skill training, language training, soft skills training, and so on.

Artify 360’s cloud-based training system allows your employees to access training anytime and from any location.

You can customize your training to your employees’ needs as well as the commercial goals of your organization.

When training is combined with other critical HR components, it becomes more effective and successful.

Track the progress of your training programs to evaluate their quality and benefits.

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training with Artify 360
Training Managment Software

The Best Companies in the UAE Use Artify 360

Effective Training Management System for Your Business

You can easily organize training, manage it properly, and track it properly with Artify 360 to achieve the most remarkable results.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple planning
  • Alter the training date
  • Manage all training in one place
  • Handle and evaluate training

Artify 360 streamlines, optimizes and integrates your training programs to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Various training methods
  • Efficient trainers
  • Hybrid learning
  • Effective collaboration
  • Simple to scale

Artify 360’s training management technology provides precise insights into what works, letting you maximize its effectiveness.

  • Extensive and precise reporting
  • Key performance indicators for evaluating efforts
  • Keep training documentation.
  • Participation summary
  • Exact progressional understanding
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Evaluating Your Training Costs to Reach Your Goals

The training management system from Artify 360 allows you to track the cost and spending of each training program. So you can keep track of your expenses and save resources for your company.

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training with Artify 360
training with Artify 360

Artify 360 Trains Your Employees to Increase Business Efficiency

Your most valuable asset is your workforce. You can sharpen their skills and boost your organization to new heights with Artify 360’s well-designed and efficient training programs.

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