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Employee Attendance Software for Trading Companies in UAE

Attendance tracking software that records and track employee attendance, leaves, and absences

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Your HR Team Will Love This Attendance Management System

With Artify 360, keeping tabs on employees’ absences, leaves of absence, and attendance is a pleasure

The employee attendance software for trading companies to track employee presence is essential in every business. Its worth to the company is enormous since it ensures that salaries are paid correctly and that labor laws are followed.

Employees’ clock-in and out times and break times can be monitored using a time and attendance management system. Complete automation removes the room for mistakes often associated with human labor. The time employees put in outside their planned shifts needs to be accounted for in the software used to manage attendance.

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Proper Attendance and Leave Tracking System for Your Company

Software that records employees’ presence or absence provides insight into how dedicated they are to the company. Some workers are frequently absent or late to work. Your future hiring decisions can benefit from this data.

We built Artify 360 as an all-inclusive time-off and leave management solution to make HR tasks more accessible and streamlined. Artify 360 is the best cloud-based attendance tracking software available.

Artify 360 human resource software for free zone companies enables trustworthy biometric attendance monitoring by including all of the market’s leading biometric solution providers.

The adaptability and simplicity of a web-based attendance management system make it an excellent tool for creating a relaxed attitude in the workplace. Your staff may clock in and out wherever, and you can process their time off requests from afar.

If your company utilizes Artify 360, you can ditch the inefficient use of timesheets to track employees’ lunch and break hours.

Artify 360, the employee attendance software for trading companies makes it simple to monitor staff absences in real-time, which might provide helpful insights.

Monitoring employees’ attendance can provide insight into how committed they are to the organization.

You can connect Artify 360’s built-in attendance tracking features to your business’s payroll software for more precise employee pay.

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employee attendance software for Trading Companies

Super Accurate Software for Keeping Tabs on Leave and Attendance

It’s important to remember that Artify 360 isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, our software can be tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Manage attendance
  • Track presences
  • Leave requests and approvals
  • Monitoring leaves and absences
  • Removes the possibility of error

Artify 360 attendance tracking system is undoubtedly the essential choice for businesses regarding time off and employee attendance monitoring.

  • Constant, real-time monitoring
  • Online, or “cloud” software
  • The exact time of login
  • Improves accuracy
  • Creates attendance reports

Artify 360 has convenient built-in features for tracking vacation and sick time. It handles not just Hajj leave but also marriage leave, yearly leave, and any other leaves your company may have.

  • Go over an employee’s absence log
  • Approval on several different levels
  • Paycheck processing during leaves is seamless.
  • Automatic updates of leave balances
  • Renders reports
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Your HR Team Saves Time and Money by Using Artify 360 to Manage Attendance and Leave

The powerful features of Artify 360 employee attendance software for trading companies make it simple for HR to monitor employee absences and attendance. Artify 360 is a time-saving tool since it automates routine, time-consuming processes, which frees your HR team to concentrate on more pressing matters.

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attendance management system in Trading Companies
time and attendance management system

Vacations and Leave Planning of Your Employees Is Easy with Artify 360

Artify 360 can be used to keep track of employee absences and manage sick days. In addition to accurately calculating annual leave compensation and integrates effortlessly with your company’s travel ticket management system. Using Artify 360, your business will never miss a deadline for tracking and reporting employee vacation time.

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