Training software in Bahrain is the software used to optimize the employee training in an organization. New and experienced employees require training at some time in their employment. To remain competitive, your firm needs to upgrade to new tools as technology changes daily. The rise of automated software that makes your duties easier necessitates personnel training.

Artify 360 is the best recruitment management software in Bahrain that has an efficient Training management system for streamlining your organization’s individual and group staff training. It also assists you in arranging training from individuals outside your firm.

You can monitor your employees’ evaluations and feedback with an effective tracking system. You may also analyze the training budget and expenditures integrated with the best HR software in Bahrain. With Artify 360, you can intuitively keep a complete staff training record. The stored data can be analyzed later if the company so wishes.


  • Easy to add external trainers
  • Save trainers based on their expertise
  • Create multiple training types
  • Easily set training schedules
  • Set, track, and manage training expenditures
  • Maintains training records, assessments, and post-training
  • Organized learning for employees
  • Track and evaluate your training metrics
  • Comprehensive overview of participants
  • Automated training for skill enhancement


  • You can easily schedule training
  • Keep track of your trainers’ information
  • Manage all of your training in one place
  • Easily add or edit training data
  • Supports all types of employee training
  • The automated and streamlined training process
  • Easy-to-use learning interface
  • Cloud-based training management system
  • Accurate insights into employee progress