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Artify HCM

Reliable Employee Travel Management Software in Abu Dhabi

The finest air ticket management tools allows for easy issuance and encashments of tickets

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Business trip management software in Abu Dhabi

Manage Your Business Trips With Artify 360 Business Trip Planning Software

Plan your official trips. Allow employees to request and use airline tickets with employee travel management software

Often employees of your company need to travel for annual leaves or business trips. But did you know you could cut your trip expenses by at least 25 percent?

Artify 360 is the employee travel management software in Abu Dhabi for small and mid-sized companies that cuts travel costs and increases efficiency. It assists in reducing regular operating expenses and freeing up more resources for your company.

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Limitless Features With a Clear and Concise Design

Employees can quickly request flight tickets, refunds for unused tickets, and travel reimbursements with Artify 360 business trip planning software. A single tap is all it takes for an HR manager to evaluate requests and deal with approvals.

To effectively manage employee travel, your company needs Artify 360 air ticket management tools. Integrating it with your payroll software allows for quick and precise salary calculations.

HR departments without extensive technical skills will have no trouble navigating Artify 360’s flight ticket management system.

Our travel management system’s features are flexible, so you can modify them to fit your company’s needs.

All the laws and standards of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi have been incorporated into Artify 360. It ensures you follow all regulations for employee travel in Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates

Artify 360, the employee travel management software in Abu Dhabi can easily connect your company’s corporate travel management software with its leave and payroll administration features.

To better grasp company finances, Artify 360 human resource software in Abu Dhabi allows you to monitor employees’ out-of-pocket travel costs.

With Artify 360 business trip planning software, you can get information on employee travel, which might be helpful for audits and inspections.

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Business travel management Software Abu Dhabi
air ticket management tools in Abu Dhabi

Adaptive Business Travel Planning and Management Software

Artify 360 air ticket management tools makes it easy for staff to request air tickets. If the request is granted, flight tickets can be issued with a single tap.

  • Easy ticket booking
  • Multi-level approval
  • Instantaneous consent with a single click
  • Attach tickets 
  • Quick actions

With Artify 360, your team can quickly get a refund for their unused plane tickets. The reimbursement amount can be included in the next payroll cycle.

  • Easily request a refund
  • Multiple layers of approval
  • Acceptance with a single click
  • Acknowledgment of approval
  • Payroll integration

Artify 360 makes issuing and redeeming flight tickets simple, creating a more streamlined experience for employees.

  • Viewed ticket requests in one convenient spot
  • Access your refunds in one location
  • Automatic synchronization 
  • minimizes the cost of travel
  • Produces reliable trip reports
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A Travel Management Software With Efficient and Seamless Integrations

The Artify 360 employee travel management software in Abu Dhabi aligns with your company’s leave and payroll module. Employees will be more satisfied with their experience working with you because of the seamless integration that will speed up their payments and reimbursements.

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employee travel management software
business trip planning software in Abu Dhabi

Artify 360 Helps You Track and Lower Your Company’s Travel Costs

With Artify 360, you can monitor your employees’ travel costs and examine trends with the help of reports you create. Collect data about the busiest and slowest ticket months. You can use this information to better plan business trips and save money.

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