Leave module Bahrain handles all types of employee leaves in an organization. Managing your workers’ leaves manually will get complex as your organization grows. It might be tough to keep track of sick leave, casual leave, maternity leave, privilege leaves, and so on, in addition to holidays. However, leave management might influence the employee’s payroll calculation and salary. As a result, the requirement for effective leave management and employee management software is obvious.

Because of its efficiency, precision, and adaptability to varied sectors, Artify 360 is used by many businesses in Bahrain. Artify 360 is the best employee management software in Bahrain and makes it simple for your firm to organize, request, and approve leaves and absences.

Your workers can view all facets of their leave, such as the overall number of leaves taken, remaining paid leaves, total days worked, and so on. Such detailed data considerably reduces the need for HR intervention. Companies can set the types of absences and pay losses depending on their policies.

As noted previously, doing these tasks manually may result in lower productivity and possible human mistakes. A little error in leave management might result in wage miscalculation, resulting in employee discontent. The best leave management software, on the other hand, could result in increased employee satisfaction and a happy workforce.


  • A streamlined leave tracking system
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • Reduces attrition rate in the company
  • Ensures legal compliances of leave policies
  • Reduces the possibility of human errors
  • Multiplies the productivity and boosts employee morale
  • Flawless integration of crucial HR components
  • Improves data accuracy
  • Flexible and user-based settings
  • Customizable for all industries
  • Proper calculation of annual leaves


  • Manages all types of employee leaves with ease
  • Customizable per company policies and legal requirements
  • Flawless leave request management
  • Unique employee dashboard
  • Easy deleting or modifying of leave information
  • View your employees’ leave statuses in one place
  • Allows processing of employee annual leaves
  • Remarks to help make better decisions
  • Seamless processing of leave salaries
  • View the status of paid and unpaid leave salaries
  • Manage your employees’ leaves from other locations
  • Handles the encashment process of your leaves
  • Effective integration with your payroll
  • Customizable data entry fields