Recruitment management software in Qatar is available plenty in the country. Artify 360 is the highly fledged HRMS software in Qatar for business. So you wouldn’t have to be anxious about recruitment in the company. Hiring is no longer tricky since Artify 360 streamlines the whole recruiting process.

It covers all parts of the recruiting process, from employment until retirement. With Artify 360 the best HR software in Qatar, you can emphasize the other phases of your employment process to increase hiring effectiveness. Productive recruitment may result in the identification of suitable individuals for your firm.

It gives both recruiters and applicants a good experience, which aids in the seamless experience of candidates to employees.


  • Assign recruiter role
  • Job board integration
  • Social media promotion
  • Easy application collection
  • Calendar integration
  • Quick interview scheduling
  • Set criteria for positions and candidates
  • Filters right applications


  • Assign your employees to recruit for job openings
  • Edit or change recruiters based on their availability
  • Easy to set up a job board for your candidates
  • Candidates can easily apply via the job board
  • Publish job boards with all relevant information about the position
  • View, modify, or delete the job post with a single click
  • Quick access to all of the candidates’ information
  • View the cover letter for a clear understanding
  • Download the resume with a single tap